Historic Timeline

The Motz Group (TMG) began its journey in 1977, when, armed with a passion for horticulture and an unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit, Joseph Motz, Chief Executive Officer, started a landscape maintenance and grounds care business. The company has grown to become one of the most recognized and highly-respected providers of innovative turf solutions. With nearly 40 years of dedicated service to the industry, we stand by the products and solutions we provide to ensure long-lasting, prosperous relationships with our valued customer base. We take pride in continuing to build fields and build futures.

  • 1977_FirstOffice


    Establishment of Motz Environmental Maintenance

    Motz Environmental Maintenance was established as a landscape maintenance and commercial grounds care business.

  • 1979_LawnCareEst


    Establishment of Motz Lawn Care

    The Company increased its scope to include professional lawn care services, adding the Motz Lawn Care division.

  • 1982_TruckFleet


    Establishment of Motz Inc.

    With the Company’s suite of offerings growing and the number of team members expanding, the decision was made to incorporate in 1982, forming Motz Environmental Maintenance, Inc.

  • 1989_TurfDivison


    Establishment of Motz Sports Turf Division

    The Company further leveraged its expertise in sports fields with the addition of the Motz Sports Turf division.

  • 1993_MotzBuilding


    Incorporation of The Motz Group (TMG)

    Our new name was coined to better reflect the significant evolution from a regionally focused to an internationally recognized sports field contractor.

  • PAT-timeline


    TMG's Acquisition of Presciption Athletic Turf System

    This automated system was designed and engineered to deliver consistent, superior performance in any climate. PAT ensures ideal turf growing conditions through complete irrigation and drainage management, resulting in dense, resilient, deeply rooted turf.

  • HPG cricket-field


    TMG Launches High Performance Gravity System

    TMG introduced High Performance Gravity, a program focused on designing and building your natural field based on projected usage patterns and site conditions.

  • 1999_SuperBowlXXXIII


    TMG Launches TSII Synthetically Stabilized Turf System

    This system was developed and patented due to its combination of natural grass growing in a unique stabilizing mat. Especially built to deliver manageability, playability and flexibility demanded by today’s world-class venues.

  • 2001_SuperBowlXXXV


    TMG Launches Twenty-Four/Seven System

    The Twenty-Four/Seven product collection was developed specifically for multi-use surfaces, and comes equipped with crosshatched slit-film fibers for fly-out reduction.

  • triple-play


    TMG Launches TriplePlay System

    Tailored to hit a homerun, the TriplePlay series was specifically designed with baseball's detailed performance needs in mind.

  • sports-grass-lockup


    TMG Launches SportGrass System

    Known for its natural grass aesthetics, the SportGrass mono-filament product suite was developed to ensure peak performance in sports where ball-to-surface interaction is critical for play.
  • SMP-only


    TMG Launches Synthetic Turf Maintenance Program

    TMG launched a customizable maintenance solution,Synthetic Maintenance Program (SMP), engineered to functionally, hygienically, and aesthetically improve synthetic turf surfaces and maximize the lifespan of the field.

  • 2009_Envirofill


    Envirofill High Performance Infill

    TMG begins offering Envirofill High Performance Infill as a value add to our synthetic systems.
  • 2011_BestPlacestoWork


    Best Places to Work

    TMG was selected as a finalist in Cincinnati Business Courier’s 2011 Best Places to Work competition.

  • 2012_RiverbendMusicCenter


    Riverbend Music Center Amphitheater Turf Installation

    TMG installed 120,000 square feet of RMC Amphitheater Turf® at Riverbend Music Center, marking the first amphitheater installation and establishing a flagship for this new market.

  • removal


    TMG Offers Turf Removal and Recycling Services

    Committed to providing a complete lifecycle management solution, TMG launches offering for fully sustainable method for executing a synthetic turf field replacement.

  • 2013_LucasOilField


    TMG Converts Lucas Oil for International Champions Cup

    TMG innovatively helped Lucas Oil Stadium prepare for the Guinness International Champions Cup by quickly executing a temporary synthetic to natural conversion.

  • 2013_BishopChatard


    American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) Winner in Multi Field Category

    As a result of exceptional quality craftsmanship, TMG was selected by the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) as a winner in the Multi Field category for our work at Bishop Chatard High School.

  • 2013_GrandPark


    TMG Official Synthetic Turf Partner for Grand Park

    TMG selected as sole synthetic turf field specialist for Grand Park Sports Campus, largest sports complex in the United States.

  • 2013_OIAAA


    TMG Partners with OIAAA

    TMG enters three-year partnership agreement with the Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administrator’s Association (OIAAA).

  • 2013_BestPlacestoWork


    Best Places to Work

    TMG was selected as a finalist in Cincinnati Business Courier’s 2013 Best Places to Work competition.

  • Eclipse-LockUp-Website-File


    TMG Launches Eclipse Reinforced Natural Turf System

    After further advancement in the system’s design, TMG re-launched TSII Synthetically Stabilized Turf as Eclipse Reinforced Natural Turf.
  • cross-flex-Lockup


    TMG Launches CrossFlex System

    The CrossFlex sequence was built to capture the best of both worlds, combining a unique fiber-blend from two of our MVP systems.

  • bptwlogo-600


    Best Places to Work

    TMG was selected as a finalist in Cincinnati Business Courier’s 2014 Best Places to Work competition.

  • Untitled-1


    2015 MLB All-Star Game

    Motz field, Great American Ball Park, hosts the 2015 MLB All-Star Game.
  • bptwlogo-600


    Best Places to Work

    TMG was selected as a finalist in Cincinnati Business Courier’s 2015 Best Places to Work competition.

  • Baltimore


    TMG Executes Baltimore Ravens Turf Conversion

    Motz takes the field at M&T Stadium, home of the Baltimore Ravens, to perform a synthetic to natural turf conversion for 2016 NFL Season.
  • 40 Years


    TMG Celebrates 40 Year Anniversary

    Established in 1977, Motz celebrates 40 years of service to the high-performance turf industry.