Baltimore Orioles Unveil New Warning Track at 2013 Home Opener

Baltimore Orioles Unveil New Warning Installed by The Motz Group at Home Opener Friday, April 5, 2013

Oriole Park at Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles, is opening the 2013 season with a fresh addition. This Friday, April 5th, the Orioles will be taking on the Minnesota Twins with their recently updated warning track, unique from any of its predecessors. Since the ballpark opened in 1992, Oriole Park‘s warning track has been replaced several times but has always been made out of synthetic material, that is…until now.

With goals of achieving optimal playability, improving drainage performance, and perfect aesthetics, the Orioles called upon their trusted partner, The Motz Group (TMG), to handle their warning track conversion. TMG had done a complete field replacement project for them in 2001, retrofitting their oldPrescription Athletic Turf (PAT) system with new PAT technology and engineering.

TMG launched the Oriole Park warning track conversion with the removal of the synthetic rubber topcoat and asphalt layer, an 8-inch depth around the entire perimeter of the field. The effort to remove the existing track was successfully completed, while still managing to keep the original stone base.

Once the existing synthetic warning track was removed and the framework was in place, it was time to install its natural crushed brick and limestone replacement. Keeping playability in mind, the replacement material was a much-needed improvement. With the all-natural material, players can count on a reduction in ball bounce that yield ground-rule doubles and a cooler surface for those hot summer days.

Along with the warning track revamp came an improvement in drainage performance. The previous track was impervious in certain locations, causing water to sheet and pond on the field. Now, with the revised structure in place, water is draining vertically through the track and at a rapid pace.

In addition, it was imperative to capture the nostalgia of Oriole Park and match its surroundings accurately to create the perfect finishing touch! The color blend, made up of over 102,000 individual crushed bricks, was chosen based on its coordination with the ballpark’s wall foundation and attached warehouse. Once the selection was made, TMG pressed on installing a 4-inch depth of #8 limestone topped with another 4-inches of crushed brick throughout the entire warning track.

Now, for the 2013 season, Oriole Park has a warning track that plays more similarly to those in other major league ballparks across the United States with improved drainage and a cohesive look, finished look!


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