How Do I Plan for Synthetic Turf Field Replacement?

The first and second generations of synthetic turf fields are continuing to see the end of their lives in 2015, and replacement needs are growing each day! The importance of planning for your replacement is HUGE. With proactive research and assessment, you can have peace of mind that your new field will serve your users as well as, and hopefully better, than your original field!

With that in mind, we wanted to share some tips for replacement planning – practices used already this year by organizations with new fields. Your field consultant will also be a beneficial resource in answering any of your needs or questions.

1. Schedule a field assessment on your current system. Give your turf provider a call (chances are, they’ve probably already contacted you if your field is at the end of its useful life) and schedule a visit for them to walk your field. During that visit, you should also be prepared to address what your needs are for your new field. Did your school or organization add activities since your original install? Are there aspects of your field that you would like to adjust for the new one? From this visit, you will have more information on the condition of your existing base and any remediation that could be needed prior to installing a new surface. The visit is also an opportunity for your consultant to gain enough information to provide you with a comprehensive budget for a new system.

2. Research the system options on the market today. Researching systems would be a good exercise before AND after your field assessment. Technology has progressed significantly since your first field was purchased, and there is plenty of new knowledge to absorb about the updated systems. Your needs could have changed, as well, and there could be a system that differs from your original field that would serve the functions more efficiently.

3. Determine your budget! Many of the processes in securing a new field may have changed since your last installation, and figuring out those changes early will only benefit the rest of your planning. Like your field provider? Want to use them for your new field and not worry about the bid process? There are programs out there that can help you achieve that goal. For example, our company is part of a program called TIPS/TAPS, and our customers that have utilized it to purchase their new field are ecstatic about the ease of the process. If you’re interested in that route, be sure to ask your provider if they participate in a program. Reviewing payment solutions and setting up a fundraising plan will be great assets in your process, as well.

4. Create a project timeline. Establishing your organization’s expectations for selecting a turf provider, reaching monetary goals, beginning and completion of the project, as well as milestones throughout the project, will ensure that your game plan for replacement remains intact through the process. Your field consultant can assist in building out your timeline, and to help set attainable goals for your project.

Our team at The Motz Group is happy to assist your team in any step of the planning process.