How Long Will My Synthetic Field Last?

One question that we answer often for prospective clients and our field owners is: how long will our synthetic turf field last? Purchasing a synthetic field is a large investment for your organization and your main goal is to get the most out of it. Why wouldn’t you want to know how long it’s going to be around? The question seems like it should be simple to answer, just throw out a number! But the reality is that there are quite a few factors that can play into the longevity of your synthetic turf field.

So let’s begin with the easy answer: the standard lifespan of a field is approximately eight years.

Projections are showing that the fields that are installed now could see lives up to 10 or 12 years, thanks to technological advancements and the establishment of annual maintenance programs that have occurred since the first generation fields were installed. Barring an act of nature, your field should be able to last eight years on its own. But, the best way to give your field a long and healthy life is comparable to what you would do to extend your own life: take care of it and perform regular maintenance.

Regular grooming of your field is one of the easiest ways you can keep your field performing at high levels and keep your athletes safe. Grooming your field will help keep infill levels even, which is key in maintaining the health of your synthetic fibers and avoiding the appearance of bare spots. Low areas can become a tripping hazard and low infill levels will cause extra or unnecessary wear to occur on the fibers, thus speeding up the life of your field.

Conversely, there is such an issue as overgrooming. This could include high frequency, over-aggressive grooming, or using improper equipment.  Your synthetic turf provider should educate you on these items when they train your staff on basic maintenance of the field.

Participating in an annual maintenance program, conducted by an industry professional, is an excellent way to ensure that your field is performing at its highest standard and is safe for your athletes. Much like an annual appointment with your doctor, you will find out how your field is operating and how well it is protecting your athletes. Through the maintenance program, the professional will be also able to determine a few things:

  1. Locate and fix areas of high wear or heavy use
  2. Inspect seam and inlay integrity
  3. Condition and quality of the fiber
  4. Planarity
  5. Safety concerns and hazards

To learn more about the detailed process of annual maintenance, feel free to take a look at what our dedicated maintenance crew does during our visits: LEARN MORE ABOUT SMP

Regardless of the age of your field, there are always things you can be doing to extend the life of it. Take care of your field and it will take care of you!