The Motz Group Takes on Bishop Chatard and Cardinal Ritter

The Motz Group takes on field installations at Bishop Chatard and Cardinal Ritter in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Motz Group was busy in Indianapolis this past summer transforming two local preparatory high school sporting facilities, Bishop Chatard and Cardinal Ritter. Both schools opted to install new synthetic turf fields, and Bishop Chatard took it one step further installing a state-of-the-art synthetic turf baseball field. With this installation, the school made history becoming the first high school in Indiana to install a full synthetic turf baseball field.

These new fields have become home to each school’s football practices, soccer matches, track meets, and various other sports programs. With these new complexes come opportunities that these schools hadn’t been able to pursue in the past. They can easily host tournaments and playoffs, along with community events for local youth leagues and neighborhood associations.


“We were really impressed with the quality, look, and feel of the fields that The Motz Group had done. We did our research, explored all of our options, and in the end they were the obvious choice,” said Bill Sahm, President of Bishop Chatard.

The Motz Group strives to deliver exceptional quality and consistency in each field that we construct. We have been building fields and building trust for over 35 years, with quality craftsmanship in the forefront of our focus. Our philosophy begins with a solid foundation and is followed by layers of experience, dedication with undisputed character that creates the perfect environment for success.


“The number one reason we selected The Motz Group is their proven commitment to service,” shared Greg Perkins, President of Cardinal Ritter.

Bishop Chatard and Cardinal Ritter both enjoyed impressive first seasons with the help of their new facilities in place with Bishop Chatard claiming another state title and Cardinal Ritter becoming a state finalist. The schools are very pleased with all the benefits their new fields provide and their team members alike are looking forward to a successful 2013!