What Items Should Not Be Permitted on a Synthetic Turf Field?


One of the most common questions a synthetic turf field provider receives is: how long will the surface last? A little bit of care and prevention can go a long way to lengthen the life of your field, however, there are some things that should be avoided to prevent implications to your field over time.

  • Chewing gum on the turf can not only aesthetically cause harm if tracked across the field on the bottom of a shoe, it can also pull up fibers if removed improperly or cause clumps within the infill. If you do notice gum, contact your turf provider immediately on the best course of action for removal.
  • Eating food and seeds – any kind of foreign object on the field can pose a negative impact to the players or the game performance. One sunflower seed may not pose an issue to the speed of a soccer ball across a field, but sunflower seeds are difficult to remove from the infill and over time they can build up and affect play.
  • Drinking soda or juice, including Gatorade or Powerade products, can lead to spills and sticky spots on the field. Those sticky spots, much like the gum, can pull the fibers from the field if removed improperly, or even attract some unwanted pests. Different color sports drinks can also discolor the turf.
  • Using any form of tobacco, specifically cigarettes, can cause burns on the field and could potentially lead to large holes in the turf that would need to be replaced. Other types of tobacco products can lead to adverse effects on the condition of the fibers and the infill.
  • Use of sharp objects or wearing metal spikes should be prohibited from the field. You can run the risk of tears or holes in your field from spikes or other sharp items. These types of things could impact the safety of the field and ultimately require repair.

If there are other items or activities that you have questions on, in regards to their impact on the turf, contact your turf provider, or feel free to give us a call at 513-533-6452.