AirPAT, delivered by The Motz Group, is the most advanced natural grass root zone management system in the world. It has been design engineered to produce near-ideal growing conditions, resulting in superior playability in any climate.

AirPAT’s Patent-Pending Operating Features Include:

Monitoring of the Root Zone Environment

  • Sensors continuously collect data on temperature, volumetric water, O2 percentage
  • Specialized software analyzes and displays the data for groundkeeper’s use

Capturing, Conserving and Recycling Water

  • 100% of the field water is captured for recycling
  • An underground cistern stores the water for treatment and reuse
  • Drainage lines are valved to stop drainage and allow water to be held in the field

Overhead and Subirrigation

  • Water can be applied overhead or moved uniformly through capillary action from the base
  • The watertight barrier allows the groundskeeper complete control of moisture conditions

Gravity and Vacuum-Enhanced Drainage

  • High root zone percolation rates result in efficient gravity drainage rates
  • During severe rain events vacuum is applied to the drainage system to accelerate flow

Positive and Negative Air Flow Through the Root Zone

  • Vacuum applied to the drainage system pulls fresh air down through the root zone
  • Variable speed fans attached to the drainage system push air up through the root zone
  • Root zone temperature is modified through the use of geothermally warmed/cooled air