Every synthetic turf project is unique. Different projects have different needs. Included within those needs is the option for selecting an infill that is best suited for your synthetic turf field. Most people would probably recognize crumb rubber, others might be familiar with coated sand, like Envirofill, while some may be completely new to the game. During the research and installation process, The Motz Group will help you analyze what infill is most appropriate for your application. Here’s a quick run down on each of the most common categories:

Crumb Rubber Infill: The most popular infill option, crumb rubber provides enhanced stability and cushioning on a synthetic turf field. It has also been shown to have a long lifespan and can even be reused. Economically, it is the most cost-effective infill option.

Coated Sand Infill: Envirofill has a benefit of consistency over the lifetime of a field. It is the only infill warranted for 16 years. Reusability is another great benefit of an Envirofill field. Because Envirofill is a homogenous infill, it is very easy to reclaim and reuse the infill for multiple lifecycles. Envirofill is free of odor, heavy metals, and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), while also offering natural heat reduction for a cooler surface. To make sure the field performs at an optimum level from a shock absorbency standpoint, it’s important to include a shock pad.

Organic Infill: This infill option is comprised of natural materials, as the name implies, completely organic. Organic infills, like Safeshell, have been shown to keep turf temperatures cooler and is also permeable for proper drainage. For participant safety, it is also highly recommended to install this infill option with a shock pad.

Virgin EPDM Rubber & Thermoplastic Elastomers Infill: A great infill option for those that like the way a crumb rubber field plays, but are interested in going a more progressive route. Created from raw materials, this infill option is completely recyclable and reusable. These infills, like Powerfill for example, come in a unique shape allows for elevated shock absorption, although a pad would still be recommended, and provides the system to have greater stability.

As you can see, there are various directions you can go, each with their own set of benefits, price points, aesthetics, and overall performance characteristics. With all of these things to consider, it’s important to work with a trusted partner that will help you identify the best fit for your project, helping to set the stage for what will soon be your field of dreams. Have questions? No problem. We are here to aid you in your journey. Contact us at 513.533.6452 and we will get you setup with one of our dedicated field consultants today!