Synthetic Maintenance Program™

With countless athletes playing on the your field season after season, addressing safety issues is of paramount importance. The Motz Group puts safety in front of all priorities, offering our customizable solutions throughout the life of your field. Each step of the way, we’ll deliver exceptional quality from project inception to completion and beyond.

Our comprehensive Synthetic Maintenance Program (SMP) is engineered to functionally, hygienically, and aesthetically help improve synthetic turf surfaces and maximize the lifespan of your field. SMP is specifically designed to assist in addressing hazards and ensure continued safety for your athletes. Our experience and commitment to stand by you throughout the life of your field makes The Motz Group the right choice for installation and on-going field maintenance.

Benefits of the Synthetic Maintenance Program

  • Assists in addressing safety concerns
  • Maximizes fiber lifespan
  • Reconditions the infill
  • Improves playability
  • Enhances field aesthetics
  • Helps tackle surface hygienic issues
  • Provides ability to work with synthetic turf experts
  • Findings can aid in planning for future field replacement
  • GMAX, drainage, or additional customized testing (optional)

SMP Prepare for Field Replacement Planning
We know your field from the ground up. We believe a safe, well-maintained surface is the key to maximizing lifespan. We are also well aware of the signs of an aging field, and the benefits of leveraging those signs as tools for planning. Even the best-kept fields will reach expiration, and in turn require replacement. Having a clear plan of action seasons ahead will allow your team the appropriate time to prepare. Our SMP report with a detailed field audit, along with our dedicated field consultants, will help you make educated decisions on the proper time and method for addressing your future replacement.