The Motz Group’s commitment doesn’t end when your project is completed. We’re a part of your team for the life of your field. With our Cover 3™ warranty, we sign on as a permanent member of your roster. We understand that the performance of your field contributes to your success and your legacy. And ultimately, it’s ours too.

Fully Comprehensive Eight-Year Protection
Cover 3™ insures the performance of all three key components of your field installation: drainage, gravel foundation, and turf for a full eight years. This is the most comprehensive third-party insured turf system warranty available in the industry today.

Our proven record of excellence in building fields at the highest levels of sport has earned us the trust of an A-Rated A. M. Best Insurance Partner willing to underwrite our work for eight years. Why settle for less peace of mind than Cover 3™ provides? Demand it.

Cover 3™ – another industry-leading innovation from The Motz Group. It’s how we build fields and build futures.