How Can I Customize My Synthetic Turf Field Design?

When most people discuss the benefits of having a synthetic turf field, the ability to customize the design and look of the field isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. But that is a big pro for an organization, to have the opportunity to show off their team colors or mascot without having to spend the time to paint before every game. Colored endzones with school name and mascot, center logo, turf colors – you have a range of options to exhibit your team pride in regards to field design and customization.


Regardless of the sport that utilizes your field, a logo can be added to truly customize your field. Whether it’s at the 50 yard line, in the center circle, or behind home plate, turf providers typically can create this logo on the turf from any image you submit to them for design. For a center logo on a multi-purpose field, for example, we will typically install a logo that is 35 feet tall and 45 feet wide. A good tip for sizing is to keep the logo inside of the hashmarks and center circle, as those items must be visible during a game. On a baseball field, if installed behind home plate, the entire circle at home must be visible.

Outfield Logos

A trend we are seeing pop up more in the last couple of years is the inclusion of a logo in the outfield of a synthetic baseball surface, much like you would see on a natural grass baseball field. Often a different shade of a green turf, these additions can take the overhead shot of your field up a notch!


People tend to think that turf just comes in shades of green. That’s not the case! Turf can come in a variety of colors, and usually those colors are featured in the endzones of your field. With that, you can include the name of your organization or your mascot in nice, big letters. Standard letter height for our fields is 15 feet tall. Something to keep in mind when planning is that there has to be a 2 feet border between the letters or logo and the end/side lines, per the National Federation of State High School Associations. The letters can be outlined, multi-colored, or even use a custom font!


Sponsor Advertising

At a stadium, you’ll usually find banners hanging around the fence, for advertisers or sponsors showcasing their brand. More impactful, and even more beneficial to both parties, is to sell advertising space on your field.  Just like your team logo, a sponsor’s can be inlaid into the sideline or elsewhere on the field. Wherever they land on the field, remember that all lines must be visible. For example, if your soccer lines extend into the sidelines of your field, they will need to be visible over the logo.


Special Requests            

Sometimes, organizations want to take their field to another level, and customize their field even further with additional special touches. Alternating color panels, color borders around numbers or the field itself, shadow lines through logos, color coach’s boxes, to name just a few examples. The possibilities aren’t endless, but there are many options on things you can do to make your field stand out these days!


Have an idea of something you’d like to do to customize your new field design? Ask the expert (your turf provider) and see what is possible! Some providers, including The Motz Group, have an in-house CAD department that can mock up a design for you to get the ball rolling on your turf project. We are happy to serve as a resource for questions or call us to speak with one of our Field Consultants for more information.