Deer Park’s Synthetic Turf Field of Dreams Becomes Reality by Teaming Up with NFL Foundation, Cincinnati Bengals, and The Motz Group

Deer Park Community School District, located within the city of limits of Cincinnati, has dreamed for years of a synthetic turf field to elevate their sports programs for their young, aspiring athletes. Season after season, Deer Park witnessed their dream come to fruition for neighboring school districts, eagerly awaiting their turn. With strong will and dedication to their students, the community set out to accomplish their ambitious goal.

Deer Park began their journey by developing a strategic funding mission, appropriately named, PRIDE in the Park. Co-Chairs Bill Cunningham and the late Tom Griswold, amongst other dedicated supporters, started by reaching out to previous grads, local residents, neighboring businesses, and regional sports enthusiasts in efforts to raise the funds needed to hit the ground running. The outpour of support was exceptional, with donations accounting for just over 70% of the cost – a notable accomplishment indeed. With this milestone they were getting closer – closer to their dream, closer to their goal, closer to their athletic program’s bright future.

With Deer Park now well positioned for a kick-finish, all that was needed was that final field goal – a game changer, essentially converting their lead into a win. That game changer came in the form of the NFL Foundation Grassroots Program, a non-profit, neighborhood-based organization providing financial and technical assistance to improve the quality, safety, and accessibility of local football fields and none other than the Cincinnati Bengals, the district’s local NFL franchise.

In the spring of 2016, Deer Park’s patience and due diligence had finally paid off – with full funding in place, they were to receive a synthetic field of their own.

When it came down to selecting a sports turf partner who could live up to the expectations and efforts rallied around Deer Park’s field of dreams, the decision was clear. None other than the Midwest leader in sports field construction and Cincinnati’s own, The Motz Group. Motz is comprised of synthetic and natural turf experts who specialize in designing, building, removing, replacing, maintaining, and managing high-performance sports fields. “Our company is proud to be able to build Deer Park the field they have always deserved. Making an impact on young athletes lives is important to Motz, and a major motivator for our team. Now they can start their season off strong knowing that they have a field suited for a professional level franchise,” shared Zach Burns, President of The Motz Group.

The Motz Group is known for their custom design build capabilities, proving to be the perfect partner to make Deer Park’s field of dreams a reality. As a result, the school selected Motz’s Twenty-Four/Seven Synthetic Turf System. This exceptionally durable surface utilizes a proprietary fiber that has undergone advanced testing (simulating up to 20 years of use), multi-layer backing to ensure maximum strength, and an unmatched warranty that will protect the surface for the Deer Park community for nearly a decade. “The Motz Group consistently delivered on every timeline and detail for our Deer Park PRIDE in the PARK turf project. I’m confident Motz is best in class especially with regards to their responsiveness when any questions or concerns arise during installation. Motz is simply great to work with,” said Jim Stoll, Director of Business Operations at Deer Park Schools. Motz completed construction of the high-performance synthetic turf surface this summer, readying the field for the 2016 fall season.

With their new synthetic turf field now in place, the Deer Park Community School District joins other local Motz fields like University of Cincinnati, Northwest High School, Lawrenceburg High School, Highlands High School, Elder High School, Moeller High School, and many others. In addition, Motz has partnered on many other fields in the Cincinnati area funded through the Bengals and NFL Foundation Grassroots Program including Clinton-Massie High School, Covington Catholic High School, Lockland High School, Oak Hills High School, and Withrow University High School.

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About Deer Park Community City School District
Located 10 miles north of downtown Cincinnati, Deer Park Community School District includes the city of Deer Park, a part of Sycamore Township, and a small portion of the city of Silverton. The intimate community setting includes both the comfort and security of a small town school system and the benefits of an outstanding suburban educational program. For more information, please visit

About NFL Foundation Grassroots Program
The NFL Foundation Grassroots Program is partnered with the National Football League. The NFL Foundation, which provides funding for the Program, and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), which provides technical assistance and manages the Program, has committed nearly $40 million to the program since 1998, supporting the creation or refurbishment of over 300 fields nationwide. The program’s goal is to provide non-profit, neighborhood-based organizations with financial and technical assistance to improve the quality, safety, and accessibility of local football fields. For more information, please visit

About The Motz Group
For nearly 40 years, The Motz Group has been committed to leaving a lasting legacy with every field we create. We are high-performance turf specialists, focusing on sports field design, construction, removal, replacement, maintenance and management. Motz has made our name designing innovative and comprehensive performance-based sports field systems, tailored to their customer’s specific needs. We build fields from inception to completion with pride, professionalism, and the utmost integrity. For more information, please visit

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