The Motz Group and USGreentech Unite Leadership Teams

In January of 2020, The Motz Group and USGreentech united the leadership teams of these two affiliated companies, resulting in increased collaboration to foster the growth and innovation of both brands.

The Motz Group is currently a leading force in sports turf solutions both nationally and internationally with over 43 years of experience in building and maintaining synthetic and natural turf fields, while USGreentech’s expertise lies in developing and selling innovative, high-performance synthetic turf infill products that focus on safety, ease of use, and sustainability for the sports and landscape markets. The newly combined leadership team will strengthen each brand’s role as modern authorities in their respective markets.

“Our people-centric leadership team brings together a dynamic and experienced group that builds upon our 43-year legacy and leads our employee-owned company into the future. This group of servant leaders works collaboratively to ensure this company is on a trajectory that is sustainable and rewarding for our team.” – Joe Motz, CEO

Historically, The Motz Group and USGreentech have consistently shared resources, guidance, and expertise. The executive restructuring will optimize existing practices, adequately responding to the substantial growth experienced by both companies in recent years. This effort will build upon both companies’ legacies of collaboration with its customers and industry partners.

While executive team members from The Motz Group and USGreentech have transitioned into their recently appointed roles, there will be no change to the roles of respective regional sales managers or the business operations of each company. Zach Burns will assume responsibility as President, Valerie Webster as Chief Strategy Officer, Russ Speigle as VP of Operations and Adam Coleman as VP of Marketing & Innovation. Kevin McDonnell and Joe Motz will continue serving in their roles as CFO and CEO.

About The Motz Group
For over 40 years, The Motz Group has been committed to leaving a lasting legacy with every field they create. They are synthetic and natural turf specialists, focusing on sports field design, construction, removal, replacement and maintenance. Motz has made their name designing innovative and comprehensive performance-based sports field systems, tailored to their customer’s specific needs, nationally and internationally. They build fields from inception to completion with pride, dignity, and the utmost integrity. With quality craftsmanship and proven safety in mind, they are committed to partnering with their customers from ground-break to replacement, guiding them every step of the way.

About USGreentech
USGreentech focuses on one essential part of the synthetic turf system: the infill. Infill is an integral and necessary component of the synthetic turf system providing stable footing, helping turf fibers stand up tall, and ensuring athletes have a firm, fast and safe system. Backed by more than 40 years of experience in the turf industry, USGreentech understands what it takes to build long-lasting synthetic turf systems with well-vetted components. Their team is made up of Turf Infill Experts who develop progressive infill products for the turf applications ranging from full-sized sports fields to putting greens to residential and commercial lawns.

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