A benefit of purchasing a synthetic turf field is the ability to install inlaid lines and eliminate painting or striping before each game. However, some facilities still have a need to include temporary lines or logos on their surface. If your synthetic turf field has such a need, we have some suggestions and tips for how to approach the application of paint on your surface.

Paint Application

Remove excess paint existing on the field. Test the application procedure before going on the field (use a scrap of turf fastened to asphalt, plywood, or use a corner of the field.) Use no more paint than absolutely necessary. Keep water on hand and readily available to rinse any spills or mistakes before they dry.

The paint should be applied lightly to the tips of the turf fibers–not the entire length of every fiber. Applying the paint too heavily makes for a very rough, abrasive surface and will make the removal job very difficult. An airless system is recommended as it provides a superior look while using less paint. Follow the paint supplier’s guidelines for paint application. Sprayers that do not atomize the paint are not recommended as paint will flow into the infill and negatively impact removal and field performance.

When applying paint, use large templates and cardboard or wood windshields to minimize paint over-spray.

For logos and other markings, always use a guide such as templates or straight edges. Applying more than one coat of paint may make removal significantly more difficult. Therefore, we recommend a single coat be used where possible.

Painting turf systems with brushes or rollers is not recommended. Spraying equipment is recommended for the following four reasons:

  1. Spraying can make a more uniform paint application
  2. A more intricate template can be used if the paint is sprayed
  3. Paint can be applied more rapidly with spray techniques
  4. Paint can be removed more easily from areas that have been correctly sprayed than from areas on which the paint has been rolled

If you have questions about striping or painting synthetic turf, receive a copy of our maintenance manual, schedule a synthetic turf maintenance training with our team, or would just like more information about The Motz Group, please contact us today.