Most synthetic turf fields on the ground today, if properly groomed and maintained, are lasting anywhere from 10-12 years. As a synthetic turf field owner, you may be wondering how the process of procuring a replacement field will differ or be similar to the original field installation, and how best to prepare for the end of your field’s lifespan. We have a few tips on the first few steps in planning for the synthetic turf replacement process.


As field providers, we find that an annual maintenance program for your field is an important and helpful tool that will give you a barometer of your field’s condition each year, especially later in the life cycle, and aid you in determining when replacement is necessary. The maintenance visit results and notes from your provider can give you ample information to kick off the replacement campaign with your district or the decision makers in the process. We find that many owners are able to give their team a 2-3 year window of when the field will need to be replaced.


To better understand the cost of your replacement project and truly begin to get the ball rolling on what is needed to complete that process, you will want to schedule a visit with your field provider. Their consultant will be able to walk your surface and talk with you about what you need or want out of your next field. They can also give you an idea of the time frame you have left before replacement is needed. From that visit, they will be able to work with their estimating team to give you a cost analysis of your next surface. If you’re really ahead of the curve, you might even be able to get a field rendering from your provider and determine how you might like the new surface to look.


Your district treasurer or business manager will be one of your best assets in planning for the new field. It is one thing to have your field provider tell you how much the surface will cost, but it is another to understand how much the field should cost to benefit your organization. If fundraisers are needed or additional financial assistance will have to be implemented, your team will be best to aid in that process. Utilizing a cooperative purchasing program is a great tool to secure your field and guarantee you can use the provider you want, at a competitive price. Your financial team will be the best in the district or organization to navigate that program, if that is the route you choose to take.

We understand that taking on a field project, whether you’ve done it before or not, can be daunting and maybe a little difficult to steer through. Take advantage of your field provider and the expertise they have in house. They can answer any questions you have and assist you through the process.

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