With thousands of synthetic turf fields currently installed across the United States, it is clear that their popularity is growing. More and more young athletes are growing up playing on synthetic turf fields, and quickly the surface preference is shifting. But, all statistics aside, what are the major benefits of a synthetic turf field? And is a synthetic turf field truly the best choice for your facility? Here are some benefits to consider:


Synthetic turf systems are made with resilient materials, which creates a uniform playing surface that can assist with addressing safety concerns. Synthetic systems can enhance athlete safety and reduce the number of injuries. And, since the force of impact is decreased, surfaces of this nature can reduce head injuries. Cleats do not get locked into the turf, which prevents a common source of ankle and knee injuries in more traditional natural systems. Lastly, synthetic turf eliminates dangerous holes and slippery playing fields sometimes seen on a natural surface from weather or heavy play.

Durability & Continuous Play

No more canceled practices and games due to a muddy field because synthetic turf systems vertically drain excess water from the field. There will be an increase in opportunities for community events to take place on the field, as the synthetic turf system has the ability to withstand three times more activity in a year than a standard grass surface (approximately 3,000 hours).

Consistent Performance

Athletes will be playing on a state-of-the-art, highly engineered field, built to maintain a consistent standard of play. Most field markings are permanently placed on the field and will allow athletes to execute with increased accuracy and give them consistency in their performance.

Maintenance Cost Reduction

Field maintenance costs will be reduced with the elimination of expenses for mowing, watering, fertilization, seeding, irrigation, and labor fees.

Water Conservation & Pesticide Savings

When it comes to conservation, synthetic fields are a great way to go. They are environmentally friendly as there is no need for the use of chemicals to assist in growth, saving on water usage, and in addition, you are making use of recycled materials.

Revenue Generator

Since synthetic turf can withstand a significant amount of wear and continuous usage, many facilities choose to rent their surfaces to local sports associations or regional teams to help pay for the facility or simply increase revenue to their bottom line.

No Weather Worry

Synthetic turf fields are made for play, rain or shine. With a detailed drainage system, designed specifically for your site, rainwater can quickly and easily filter through ensuring the field will not be muddy or waterlogged.

Permanent Game Face

Lastly, a synthetic field always has its game face on. The field’s rugged good looks never fade, with its limited maintenance and permanent markings, it’s sure to make a lasting impression.

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