The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Your Home’s Artificial Turf in the Winter

You’ve made a smart choice by deciding to install artificial turf in your backyard. It’s low maintenance, environmentally friendly, and, most of all, safe for your kids! But winter’s around the corner, and along with it, ice and snow. What does this mean for your lawn or your kids’ playground? How do you protect it? […]

My Artificial Turf Smells Like Dog Pee – What Should I Do? A lot of folks with synthetic grass lawns say they love how low maintenance their turf is. But for those with a Fido afoot, TLC will sometimes be needed to eliminate a common turf issue for dog owners. We’re talking about the smell that happens when artificial turf and dog urine mix.  Artificial turf […]

Reviving Flat Artificial Turf: Tips for a Lush, Upright Lawn

There’s nothing quite like the neat, low-maintenance beauty of a well-scaped synthetic turf yard. Perfect for busy homeowners who want curb appeal without the fuss of monitoring grass growth and worrying what the weather will do to your landscaping, an artificial turf backyard or front yard (or both!) lets you trade that weekly upkeep for […]

Artificial Turf for Dogs: Why and Where to Use It

One perk of being a dog owner? It’s a built-in reason to get outside, and often. Maybe that’s why dog owners tend to, on average, be healthier people. Dogs have been shown to increase physical activity levels in their humans by about 70 percent, making dog owners four times likelier than folks without these furry […]

Top Tips for Preventing and Neutralizing Dog Urine Odors in Artificial Grass

Plenty of dog owners are rightfully concerned about how their pets’ potty routines will impact the odor, cleanliness, and aesthetic of their artificial grass yards. The truth is, synthetic turf is a perfectly viable option for families with pets. All it takes is a little bit of planning and a simple maintenance plan to keep […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Decorating Your Artificial Turf For The Holidays

Do you wait in anticipation for the day when it’s finally time to pull out those holiday decorations? We know the feeling. Decorating is fun for the whole family and brings color and personality to any landscaping. Besides, who doesn’t love getting into the holiday spirit? But first things first. Let’s talk about grass health. […]

How to Rake Leaves on Artificial Turf Without Causing Damage

One of the most significant advantages of artificial turf is that it requires very little maintenance. However, a few times per year, particularly in autumn, you will want to remove debris and fallen leaves. This is because small items, like leaves and twigs, can block the holes in the turf’s backing. Fortunately, this chore shouldn’t […]

Why Use Envirofill at Breweries and Bars?

Picture it: you’re enjoying a beautiful spring evening under the stars at a local craft beer brewery; there’s a band playing on the outdoor stage, dogs wag their tails and sit contentedly by their owners, kids giggle and dance as parents watch over them and catch up with one another. Breweries across the country are […]

Caring for Artificial Turf in the Winter

There’s not a whole lot to keeping your synthetic turf in tip-top condition during the winter months— or at any time of the year, for that matter! It’s one of the beauties of choosing artificial grass for your home landscaping. And while the Jones’ natural grass will require a “final mow” and then turn brown […]