How to Clean Envirofill

Envirofill is unique in that it has an industry-leading, durable, coating also known by its scientific name, poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA). PMMA is a synthetic resin often used as a substitute for glass. It forms a transparent and rigid plastic, often used in products such as skylights, aircraft canopies, commercial aquariums and shatterproof windows, items […]

Video: How to Solve Pet Odors in Your Artificial Turf Lawn, Envirofill for Pets

Your Dog’s Business is Our Business In life, there’s death, taxes and dogs peeing on your lawn…and when you have an artificial turf lawn, that can be a smelly situation. At Motz, we take that matter seriously and have the perfect solution: Envirofill. Envirofill is a proven infill featuring a technology that fights bacteria, mold […]

Artificial Turf & Envirofill Maintenance for Commercial Applications

How to Maintain Your Business’s Envirofill and Turf We get it. Your business, all aspects of it, is an incredible investment. Moreover, we’re thankful that you’ve chosen to invest in us. Thus, we want to help you protect your investment buy equipping you with the best knowledge of Envirofill maintenance procedures for commercial applications. How […]

Your Artificial Turf and Dog Urine

You know the (ahem) offensive smell that sticks in your nose when you’re at a dog park on a sunny day? That, my friends, is the result of urine. Unfortunately, dogs can’t help the smell, they’re dogs for goodness sake. When dog urine comes into contact with artificial turf, the natural occurring microbes begin to […]