From Pitch to Putt: Indoor Putting Green Turf Systems Explained

It’s easy to see why indoor putting greens are so popular. A relatively easy and affordable at-home DIY project can turn your unused basement space into an indoor putting green paradise. Indoor putting greens range from top of the line to basic in terms of cost, ease of installation, and performance. Like most things, the […]

Top Tips for Preventing and Neutralizing Dog Urine Odors in Artificial Grass

Plenty of dog owners are rightfully concerned about how their pets’ potty routines will impact the odor, cleanliness, and aesthetic of their artificial grass yards. The truth is, synthetic turf is a perfectly viable option for families with pets. All it takes is a little bit of planning and a simple maintenance plan to keep […]

What’s the Best Surface For the Bocce Court at Your Facility?

Create the perfect bocce ball surface with Envirofill and artificial turf Incorporating engaging outdoor activities at your brewery, apartment complex or workplace helps create community. And a thriving community can translate to higher beer sales, more long-term rentals, happier employees, or whatever your end-goal for your facility is. It makes sense. But it’s tricky to […]

Improve Your Community with an Artificial Turf Dog Park

If you’re a dog owner, we’re pretty sure you know the feeling. You’re enjoying fresh air, watching your dog enthusiastically run and romp with other pups. You laugh and chat with other dog owners as your pups play. Everyone is bonding — humans and canines both — and it feels like your own happy community. […]

How to Buy Envirofill: 5 Easy Steps

Create your ideal environment for your lawn, park, playground, or putting green with Envirofill, the key ingredient to the all-season, low-maintenance artificial turf system your neighbors only dream of. Use this easy resource to make ordering Envirofill a breeze (even if you’re brand new to how artificial turf infill works). 1 – Select Envirofill Envirofill […]

Which Size of Envirofill Do I Need for My Artificial Turf Project?

So you’re considering Envirofill infill for your artificial turf project. Maybe you’re installing a home lawn, playground, putting green…or even a bocce or tennis court! Excellent choice. We’ve formulated Envirofill specifically to bring your dream outdoor space to life. So you can focus on brushing up on your bocce skills, watching your kiddos on their […]

This Sustainable Landscape Architecture Trend Isn’t Going Away

Good landscape architecture has always been about where functionality meets inspiration. That’s true. But these days? Good landscape design includes sustainability, too. Because our world is changing. As our environment shifts, we must respond by changing how we design urban landscapes. Sustainability is more than a buzzword now — it’s here to stay. So it’s […]

Transform your Backyard into a Summer Vacation Spot with Artificial Turf

How are your summer fun plans coming along? We’re living in strange times. Most of the typical summer vacations simply won’t be possible this year. With summer camps unlikely to open and many community pools shut down, we’re having to rethink how to make the most of the season. But different doesn’t have to mean […]

Envirofill Installed at one of the World’s Largest Golf Resorts

Imagine a weekend getaway in Upstate New York. You stay in one of three world-class hotels. Relax in a luxurious spa. Dine in prestigious restaurants. Experience cabaret. Try your hand at gambling. And of course, practice your putting in one of five pristine golf courses. That’s a weekend at Turning Stone Resort Casino, a destination […]

Designing a Synthetic Turf Playground? Consider Envirofill

Does designing the perfect playground sound difficult? It doesn’t have to be. There are countless variables in building the ideal space for kids to play. We know. It can feel overwhelming, right? But the good news is, we find that most of those variables boil down to the same root. The most important thing we […]