How to Clean Envirofill

Envirofill is unique in that it has an industry-leading, durable, coating also known by its scientific name, poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA). PMMA is a synthetic resin often used as a substitute for glass. It forms a transparent and rigid plastic, often used in products such as skylights, aircraft canopies, commercial aquariums and shatterproof windows, items […]

Dogs Can Make Turf Smell. This Will Help.

How Do I Make the Smell Go Away? They are “man’s best friend,” right?  Some believe that there’s a lot of truth to this.  For centuries dogs have been alongside humans sharing their service, their labor, their compassion… and then there’s sharing… their waste.  Humans have also been cleaning up after their dogs for decades and […]

Are Envirofill and Microban Safe?

Envirofill and Microban Safety Blog

The popularity of synthetic turf continues to grow, unlike its fake grass fibers. As more backyards, daycares, dog parks, and schools install artificial grass, there naturally becomes more concern from a growing number of people about its longevity, performance, and most importantly, its safety. There are a vast number of safety aspects when it comes […]

Video: How to Solve Pet Odors in Your Artificial Turf Lawn, Envirofill for Pets

Your Dog’s Business is Our Business In life, there’s death, taxes and dogs peeing on your lawn…and when you have an artificial turf lawn, that can be a smelly situation. At Motz, we take that matter seriously and have the perfect solution: Envirofill. Envirofill is a proven infill featuring a technology that fights bacteria, mold […]

How to Install Artificial Turf Infill with Swagger

Install Turf with Swagger

So, you’ve finally decided to install that artificial turf backyard. You’ve convinced your spouse and completed all the research. Now the only thing standing between you and a beautiful backyard is this project.  And sure, there are a ton of “How to install synthetic turf” videos but there’s not one about “How to install synthetic […]

Your Kids Are Safer on Envirofill Playgrounds—Here’s Why

When installing a new playground fun and safety are always top of mind. Not only do you want the surfacing to look amazing and provide a unique user experience for the children, it also needs to be resilient and soft enough to meet critical fall height standards. According to this National Safety Council article on playground safety, […]

Where To Buy Artificial Grass Turf Infill

Are you looking for where to buy an artificial turf Infill for your landscape business, home project, or sports field?  We provide you with synthetic turf infill options that will be safe and durable for any artificial grass landscape or sports field. The benefits of the best artificial grass turf infill are endless, however, having […]

Your Artificial Turf and Dog Urine

You know the (ahem) offensive smell that sticks in your nose when you’re at a dog park on a sunny day? That, my friends, is the result of urine. Unfortunately, dogs can’t help the smell, they’re dogs for goodness sake. When dog urine comes into contact with artificial turf, the natural occurring microbes begin to […]

What Sizes and Colors Does Envirofill Come In?

Motz is your infill expert. We believe what’s in your turf matters™. We believe what’s in your turf matters more than any other component of your synthetic turf system.  Our experience in the turf industry and our commitment to providing the best infill on the market make Motz the people to depend on, when you’re […]

Small Infill, Big Impact for Putting Greens

Have you ever seen a putting green in the middle of wild grass? If you have, it probably wasn’t a good one. Everyone realizes that artificial-turf putting greens are quickly becoming the surface of choice for those golfers who are serious about improving their short game. But, what makes these greens all worthwhile at the […]