What Happens If My Kid or Dog Eats Turf Infill?

Let’s face it, your family wants to install synthetic turf to spend more time outside! Synthetic turf should provide a safe and fun environment for your family, both furry and unfurry. That is why we at Motz make safety a top concern for all our products. Envirofill and Safeshell have been crafted to be one […]

Infill & Turf Surface Heat – Evaporative Cooling

In today’s sports world, it seems there are countless considerations when designing a field. Player speed, ball interaction, gmax/impact attenuation, aesthetics, maintenance, warranty, sustainability, abrasion…the list goes on. One element becoming a bigger consideration is surface heat. Some synthetic turf fields can reach temperatures 35º to 55º F hotter than natural grass fields. Natural grass […]

Safeshell: Proven Safe for Kids and Dinosaurs

Over 37,000 children have played in a replica dinosaur bone dig pit filled with Safeshell without one allergic issue. At the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum (The Discovery) in Reno Nevada, young kids are dreaming of becoming paleontologists by digging through a pit filled with Safeshell for bones from a T. rex named Sue. […]

How to Install Artificial Turf Infill with Swagger

Install Turf with Swagger

So, you’ve finally decided to install that artificial turf backyard. You’ve convinced your spouse and completed all the research. Now the only thing standing between you and a beautiful backyard is this project.  And sure, there are a ton of “How to install synthetic turf” videos but there’s not one about “How to install synthetic […]

Infill Samples Make a Positive Impact

Motz & Clovernook: A Unique Partnership It’s hard to replace the “firm, fast and safe” feeling you get while standing on synthetic turf installation. Although there’s nothing really like the real thing when experiencing Motz infills, receiving one of our free samples is a close second. However, the added bonus receiving a sample is knowing […]

Where To Buy Artificial Grass Turf Infill

Are you looking for where to buy an artificial turf Infill for your landscape business, home project, or sports field?  We provide you with synthetic turf infill options that will be safe and durable for any artificial grass landscape or sports field. The benefits of the best artificial grass turf infill are endless, however, having […]