Artificial Turf Baseball and Softball Field Warning Track Options

Warning tracks are an integral safety component of baseball and softball fields whether they are natural grass or synthetic turf fields. Their sole purpose is to keep athletes safe by warning them they are close to the edge of the field and approaching a fence or wall. Warning tracks have also been used to add […]

What is a Certified Field Builder & Why is it Important to a Field Owner?

When you hire a company or individual to complete work on your home or car, you conduct research to find the best and someone who is considered to be an expert in their designation. The same practice applies when you are purchasing a synthetic turf field – you want to ensure you have a professional […]

What is The Motz Group’s Synthetic Turf Installation Process?

For most synthetic turf field owners and their communities, one of the most exciting parts of their project is finally seeing the green rolled out on their field. But a lot of people don’t know what happens between the start of a synthetic turf construction and the roll out of the green. Based on the […]

How Can A Shock Pad Benefit My Synthetic Turf Field?

The Evolution of The Synthetic Turf System The synthetic turf industry is no stranger to evolution. Synthetic turf systems have gone through quite an evolution from the initial installations in the 1970s until today. In that time, industry trends and consumer feedback have led to innovations in additional synthetic turf system components. Innovations like alternative […]

Soccer Goal Safety Tips for Artificial Turf Sports Fields

Football and soccer are two of the most popular American high school sports. In fact, both sports are nearly ubiquitous with high school athletics. Sure, there are various other field sports commonly played throughout different regions of the country. Still, regardless of location, the vast majority of athletic facilities will host plenty of football and […]

What is a Cooperative Purchasing Program?

As an athletic facility or school district, owners understand the importance of working within a budget and also providing your athletes with high-performing resources to continue to up their game. This is where utilizing a cooperative purchasing program can be an asset to your team. Cooperative purchasing is defined by the American Bar Association Model […]

The Top Things You Can Learn from Performance Testing Your Turf

Athletes practice and train to meet performance metrics so they can execute and bring home a W when it is game time. You want your synthetic turf field to do the same: perform when you need it to. To ensure the turf is excelling to match the effort your athletes are putting in, it’s beneficial […]

What Are The Different Types of Synthetic Turf For Athletic Fields?

When you’re cheering on your favorite team, whether it be on the football field, baseball field, or soccer field, you’ll see a pristine, bright field surface at the center of all the action. Synthetic turf fields have become a popular choice for athletic fields across the country thanks to their proven track record of durability, […]

Important Questions To Ask Synthetic Turf Field Installers and Contractors

Do you have an upcoming project with plans to expand or revitalize your athletic facilities using synthetic turf? Then, this blog post is for you! Let’s talk about why it’s vitally important to ask the right questions before you sign on the dotted lines. The bottom line: organize a capable and knowledgeable team, so plans […]

Greener Days Ahead! Now You Can Recycle Your Synthetic Turf Field.

It’s time to move the turf industry toward a more sustainable future, and we’ve got plans to lead the charge. Motz is working in partnership with Shaw Sports Turf, a division of  Shaw Industries to offer an environmentally friendly process for the entire turf system lifecycle. Most fields last about 10 years (with some lasting […]