6 Athletic Tips And Tricks To Maintain Your Running Track

The safety, performance, and cleanliness of your running track requires proper maintenance and constant attention. The lifespan of your athletic track starts with the way you care for it. Find the correct track cleaning process and track tips to maintain your running track with Motz Track Aide maintenance tips. 6 Athletic Running Track Cleaning Tips […]

What to Expect When Cleaning Your Running Track

As a track owner, you may feel like your track no longer has the aesthetic appeal it did when first installed, or that your track is no longer meeting your safety standards. Motz365 is here to help you feel great about your track again. Our maintenance team members provide track cleaning and repair services throughout […]

All You Need to Know About Running Track Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s a fact most running track owners are well aware of: maintaining a track that’s as clean and brightly colored as the day it was installed isn’t easy. From rain and bleacher run-off to dirt that’s been packed in by so many running feet, the once-vibrant reds and blues of a colored running track inevitably […]

Why Resurface Your Running Track During Your Artificial Turf Field Construction?

Why, when, and how to resurface your running track Unlike most field sports, running is a sport of minimalism. That said, there are several critical components to successful track teams, and arguably the most essential one is a well-maintained track surface.  The track is ground zero for running athletes’ practices and competitions. You should maintain […]