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The highest quality athletic spaces are ones that promise to consistently perform at the highest levels of safety and durability. They are crucial to the health and performance of athletes competing at the collegiate level. Motz has served the turf industry since 1977, and brings the experience and expertise you need in the design, consultation, and construction of innovative, high-performance sports fields. Our team is there to help navigate planning and build it the right way to deliver the safety, consistency, and durability required to keep players protected and enable them to perform their best every time they take the field.

Field Specifications

Safety | Our fields are built with clean, safe, and high-quality materials that deliver a consistently even and dependable surface to ensure players are protected.

Performance | Our fields are built to perform through years under the spotlight and through the toughest conditions known to sports.

Longevity | Our team is there to support you and your field throughout its entire lifetime to ensure the highest levels of quality, value, and performance.

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Motz has built a strong reputation in the industry as a high-performance sports field construction partner. Through constant innovation, continued growth and proven expertise, we demonstrate the value and performance we build into every field we plan, design, install and maintain.

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As athletic field specialists, we offer an advanced series of systems to accommodate various sports and their specific performance requirements.

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