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Artificial turf is an intelligent, durable solution for many athletic facilities, from schools and universities to professional venues. At The Motz Group, we are the leading experts in both natural and synthetic sports turf. With over 40 years of industry experience, we have the knowledge to implement the ideal turf solutions for athletic venues throughout the Frankfort, KY area, and we can create a system that is durable and safe and that offers superior playability for football, soccer, baseball, field hockey, lacrosse, or nearly any other sport.

Whether you choose synthetic or natural turf, our experts at The Motz Group can design and deliver a final product that meets all the requirements for your athletic field. We serve facilities throughout Kentucky, as well as Western Pennsylvania, Southern Michigan, West Virginia, Ohio, and Indiana.

For more information about the differences between natural and synthetic turf, contact The Motz Group today by calling 513-533-6452. We can help you determine the best type of turf for your Frankfort sports field!

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The Motz Group’s Synthetic & Natural Turf Products

At The Motz Group, we have been designing, installing, and maintaining sports turf solutions for over 40 years, working with both natural and synthetic sports turf, as well as hybrid solutions. We offer a wide range of high-performance turf products, and we can help you choose the best solutions to use at your sports venue to achieve improved playability, high durability, and superior performance.

Our sports turf team has the skill to help with any turf project your facility may need to complete, including:

  • Converting natural turf surfaces to synthetic turf
  • Replacing worn synthetic turf with new, improved synthetic turf products
  • Maintaining and caring for existing sports turf systems
  • Installing new natural or synthetic turf

Our experts can design and implement the ideal turf solution according to how your field is used, the facility requirements, and the available budget.

Synthetic Sports Turf in Frankfort, KY

Synthetic turf offers easier care and maintenance, greater durability, and it provides better playing characteristics for a variety of sports, with tangible performance benefits for athletes. At The Motz Group, we feature custom synthetic turf from one of the leading industry manufacturers, Shaw Sports Turf. We are proud to offer a wide variety of synthetic turf systems, including:

To learn what the differences between these turf systems are and which is the best choice for your Frankfort field, contact us today.

Natural Grass Turf Fields

In some instances, natural turf or a hybrid solution is the best choice for a particular field or usage scenario. For those facilities that require natural turf, The Motz Group offers several natural grass turf solutions including:

Our company started out installing and maintaining natural turf fields, so we have the skills necessary to design and implement natural turf solutions that offer impressive performance.

Why Choose The Motz Group for Your Sports Turf in Frankfort, KY?

Our turf experts at The Motz Group have built over 400 fields throughout our service area, including professional turf solutions for stadiums and practice fields of several NFL and MLB teams. We have also worked on the fields of recreation centers, community centers, high schools, colleges, parks, and more. Our company offers comprehensive maintenance and repair services for all our synthetic and natural turf products, including our 5-step Synthetic Maintenance Program. When you need the best sports turf products and services, look no further than The Motz Group.

Call 513-533-6452 or contact us online to learn how we can improve the performance of your athletic field!

Which Synthetic Turf System Is Right for You?

Identifying the best synthetic turf system and infill option for your facility requires research. Allow us to help you navigate your options and make a recommendation that will best serve your facility's needs. Are you ready to get started?

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