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Does Artificial Grass Landscaping Add Value to My Home?


Image Credit and Installation by: Keepers Turf

Why, yes, thoughtfully installed artificial turf does add curb appeal and will positively impact the resale value of your home, particularly if your property is in an area of the country that’s impacted by persistent drought conditions.

Here’s the explanation in a nutshell. Homes with attractive, vibrant landscaping and lush, green lawns that require minimal water, money, and time to maintain understandably stand out amongst properties with less environmentally-friendly landscaping and lawns that demand a ton of resources in order to prevent them from browning and dying.

Calculating the benefits and savings of synthetic turf in home landscaping

A well-planned yard with an artificial grass turf system will look consistently great, but what are the other benefits of turf yards? In all honesty, there’s an abundance of perks.

Whether you’re a real estate agent or homeowner, when the time comes to sell, you’ll want to know exactly how to demonstrate the advantages of synthetic turf landscaping to prospective buyers. Communicate the benefits of your home’s artificial lawn effectively, and chances are, you’ll enjoy the profits associated with adding earnest value to your home.

We’ve compiled a list of the top benefits. Use these points to assist your conversations with realtors and potential buyers once your property is on the market.

Benefit #1: Artificial grass takes little effort and time to maintain

How could landscaping that’s so attractive require such little input and attention? That’s the magic of a well-designed and installed synthetic turf system!

Once you’ve built a system with quality components like high-performance, non-toxic turf infill, your yard will look and feel impeccable throughout years and years of enjoyment. Implement a quick and easy maintenance protocol of brushing and light surface cleaning once or twice a month to keep your lawn lush and green. Compared to the substantial efforts needed to maintain a flawless natural lawn, synthetic turf is a piece of cake!                                                            

“ We’ve owned two homes with an artificial turf backyard and have sold one.  I can say confidently that the turf was perceived as a practical solution to so many day to day activities, but also a luxury to have.  We sold our previous home for way over asking price and the turf was one of those attractive upgrades that helped garner the sale price we did.”

Sarah B., Homeowner

Benefit #2: Synthetic turf landscaping saves water

In The Synthetic Turf Council’s press release on February 1, 2011, the author shares that:

“according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), over one-third of residential water is used for lawn irrigation nationwide, totaling more than 4 billion gallons of water a day. The Southern Nevada Water Authority also estimates that every square foot of grass replaced with synthetic turf saves an additional 55 gallons of water per year. Therefore, an average lawn of 1,800 square feet will save 99,000 gallons of water a year if landscaped with synthetic turf – about 70% of a homeowner’s water bill, or up to $500.”

With extreme drought crises becoming common in a growing number of regions across the United States, the implications are significant. Choosing turf conserves more water and is more sustainable than sod or natural grass lawns, and more and more homeowners are opting to be a part of the solution in response to these serious environmental problems.

Benefit #3: Artificial grass is more affordable than natural grass landscapes

Though the precise cost of turf system installation varies and is dependent on factors like the size of your yard and the region where your home is located, over time, artificial grass is definitively less expensive than natural grass landscaping, no matter what the cost of your installation is. The table below, originally published on, clearly demonstrates the differential in the average maintenance costs of synthetic turf vs. natural grass.


Service Artificial Grass Sod
Installation $12.50/sq ft Total:$6,250 $0.40/sq ft Total:$200
Watering N/A $20/mo. for 6 months
Fertilizing N/A $0.20/sq ft
Lawn Services N/A $25+/wk for 26 weeks
First Year Total $6,250 $1,070
Additional Cost Per Year $0 <$870
Total Spent After 4 Years $6,250 $3,680


Because the national average cost of installing synthetic turf landscaping is $4,670, the initial costs of artificial grass is likely to be recaptured in maintenance savings after 7 years. And since Envirofill comes with a 16-year product warranty, it will still be in amazing shape years after you’ve recouped the cost of installation. It’s clear to see that turf is a smart return on investment.

Questions about pricing out the initial cost of installation? Consult our guide on estimating the cost of your turf system.

Benefit #4: Synthetic lawns are safe for kids, non-toxic, dog-friendly, and environmentally responsible

These days, you can opt for green, clean, innovative turf infill products like Envirofill and Safeshell. They offer peace of mind and align with the values of modern American families. Both Envirofill and Safeshell were engineered specifically to improve the durability, cleanliness, and safety of outdoor spaces where kids and pets frequently play.

Microban® antimicrobial protection is infused into each grain of Envirofill during production and prevents bacterial and microbial growth, effectively reducing up to 99% of the unpleasant odors associated with dog urine. Ideal for pets, children, and athletes, it’s the cleanest turf infill around.

Safeshell is natural and non-toxic, made entirely from crushed walnut shells. It offers integrity and safety without compromising on quality or performance. It’s naturally cooler than other turf infill products, too, which is especially advantageous during those hot and dry summer days.

In summary: yes, artificial grass increases the value of your home.

We hope to have laid out a clear case for the ways synthetic turf adds curb appeal and increases home resale value; it’s a vast and interesting topic that encompasses plenty of important factors. If you’d like to continue the conversation or install Envirofill or Safeshell in a thoughtfully designed turf system at your home, then find your nearest distributor or installer today.

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