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Dogs Can Make Turf Smell. This Will Help.

How Do I Make the Smell Go Away?

They are “man’s best friend,” right?  Some believe that there’s a lot of truth to this.  For centuries dogs have been alongside humans sharing their service, their labor, their compassion… and then there’s sharing… their waste. 

Humans have also been cleaning up after their dogs for decades and that can be a bit more complicated when you have an artificial turf lawn.  Artificial turf is being used as a pet surface of choice throughout the world in both residential (lawns) and commercial (dog parks) settings.  Here’s a bit more history.

Many homeowners and business owners alike have selected it for use on their pet runs and backyard spaces to accommodate both animals and humans.  In the earlier days of this type of application, many turf companies were not yet aware of the challenges this could present, resulting in overselling of the product performance and underselling of the maintenance that may be required to keep it fresh and sanitary for all.  There was also an absence of technology to help improve the ongoing cleanliness of this type of system like there is today.

Advances in artificial turf infill is one such technology that can help mitigate natural bacteria, mold, mildew and even the odors from dog waste, especially urine.  Envirofill is a coated sand infill which is infused with Microban antimicrobial technology that fights against the presence of harmful bacteria and in return helps keep the turf system cleaner.  The coating encapsulates the otherwise porous sand granule to prevent the harboring and growth of microscopic bacteria in the infill layer.

When you have dogs using the bathroom on turf with Envirofill you will have an added protection layer against the unwanted smells. In the event you have heavier use by multiple dogs in smaller confined areas with little air circulation, it’s important to consider an Enzyme cleaner.

Once you’ve ensured a well-draining base layer, a high-quality turf product and the proper infill will go a long way towards a pleasant experience for all.  Envirofill will help keep the microbial population low within the infill layer.  Consider using an enzyme cleaner which could be a positive 1-2 punch for the scenarios listed above, and address the non-Microban protected surfaces such as the turf base foundation or blades of grass above the infill.  A proper maintenance regiment should be considered with any turf application.

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