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The Best Artificial Turf for Dogs

Dog on synthetic turf installed by  SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay

Is it possible to enjoy the benefits of owning a dog AND a low-maintenance, environmentally-friendly, artificial grass turf system? It sure is. But how do you keep your turf system smelling fresh and looking attractive? We’ve got all the information you need to design an outdoor space suitable for you and your furry, four-legged friends.

Making an artificial grass yard specifically for dogs

There are a few key points to keep in mind when designing a synthetic turf yard if you own a pet. With hundreds of system combinations between turf types, infill options, and drainage, creating a proper system that will limit pet odor while remaining safe for your animal can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, we have simplified the process with the following system recommendations.

Building the pet turf system from the bottom up

Drainage is important for turf systems with pets

Some turf systems are not designed for dogs, whether intentionally or unintentionally. So, what makes an artificial grass turf system dog-friendly? For starters, they drain really well. For best results, artificial grass frequented by dogs must be periodically washed and rinsed with water and an enzyme cleaner. Without proper drainage, maximum cleanliness will never be achieved. Installing a drainage panel under your artificial turf helps your system to drain more effectively. It is typically recommended to install a drain panel when your project may experience excessive rainfall and or use by dogs. Be sure to ask your service provider for drain panel options.

Should you use a shock pad with your pet system?

The answer is, it depends. A pad is typically not required for a pet turf system, but it can be a beneficial addition to a synthetic turf system for a few reasons.

  1. It helps to lengthen the life of your artificial turf system by eliminating the friction between the back of the turf and the subsurface.
  2. It provides an additional layer of protection from falls for both children and pets.

Our recommendation if you chose to install a pad within your artificial turf pet system is a 12mm non-absorbing shock pad installed between the base leveling and the turf carpet.

Dogs play on artificial grass installed by Turfscapes Westside

What kind of turf do we recommend?

The best turf for dogs should take the following into consideration:

1. Ease of maintenance

2. Best possible drainage construction of turf materials and base underlayment

3. Durability of the turf blades

There are excellent choices that meet all of the criteria above. Please ensure your installation provider understands how frequently the area is used and by how many dogs. This will help them evaluate the proper turf product and construction methods. Many turf products for dogs have a stiffer blade (more durable to heavy traffic), shorter fiber (easier to maintain and pick up after Sparky) and superior drainage foundations under the turf. We recommend the use of a drainage panel directly under the turf to lift the turf off of the base rock so the urine can drain away from the turf faster. Lastly, there are a few turf products designed for use without infill, but read below to understand the reasons we recommend it.

What are the benefits of infill in a pet artificial grass system?

Infill is the ballast layer of an artificial turf system. Benefits of installing infill in your artificial turf system include:

  1. Enhancing the beauty of your turf by keeping the blades standing taller, longer.
  2. The weight of infill helps to keep your turf in place meaning it is less likely to wrinkle when the weather changes and your turf carpet contracts and expands.
  3. Envirofill is the best artificial turf infill for a pet system. It’s infused with a built-in antimicrobial called Microban, which can reduce pet urine odors by up to 99%.
  4. Infill can protect your turf fibers from extensive wear, heavy foot traffic and protect them from the UV Rays of the sun.

Learn more about why you should use infill in your turf system

Installing your pet-friendly artificial grass system with turf infill

The most dog-friendly turf systems don’t just have infill, they have turf infill specifically created to neutralize the odors and bacteria that dogs will inevitably leave in the outdoor spaces they frequent. We recommend that dog owners and pet lovers install an artificial grass turf system in their yard with Envirofill infill.

If you want to combat the funky odors and bacteria associated with pet urine (and who doesn’t?!), install a turf system designed with turf infill as a component, and use Envirofill. It’s the best turf infill for homes with kids and pets. Follow Envirofill on Instagram

The advantages of the industry’s most pet-friendly turf infill

You won’t find a single turf infill product like Envirofill. It was the first infill designed specifically to be safe, clean, and antimicrobial in homes where children and dogs live.

It Fights Bacteria Growth By Up To 99%

Envirofill’s not-so-secret weapon is Microban, an antimicrobial protective agent that’s infused into each grain of Envirofill turf infill during the proprietary manufacturing process. It helps prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew that causes the stains, odors, and deterioration of turf infill, especially in homes with pets. Please ensure you consider the use of an enzyme cleaner in addition to Envirofill to thoroughly clean your artificial turf surface.

Turf Infill With Maximum Drainage

Envirofill is made from responsibly-sourced sand that has a naturally-occurring round shape. Its highly-rounded quartz core resists compression so it doesn’t continue to compact over the life of your lawn, promoting better drainage compared to other artificial pet turf infill products.

It’s Reusable and Low Maintenance

With synthetic turf and Envirofill, it’s all play and very little work. And when your turf carpet wears out and must be replaced, Envirofill turf infill can be extracted and then re-installed in your new artificial turf system. Because of its superior durability, Envirofill’s coating is warrantied for 16 years.

It Makes Your Yard Look AMAZING!

Envirofill has a natural aesthetic. It produces the fullest, greenest, brightest, and healthiest-looking grass lawn. You’ll love the look and feel of Envirofill, and your pets will, too!

Enzyme cleaner and artificial turf

Now that we’ve made our way to the top of the system, a key tip to keep in mind is to clean your artificial turf with an enzyme cleaner from time to time.

Do you want to keep the smells and bacteria at bay in your yard? Ensure a pleasant, odor-free, and hygienic environment by cleaning your turf system with water and an enzyme cleaner. Learn more about proper maintenance of dog-friendly turf systems and disinfection with enzyme cleaner here.

Ready to upgrade your backyard with the best artificial grass turf infill for your best friend?

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