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Which Size of Envirofill Do I Need for My Artificial Turf Project?

So you’re considering Envirofill infill for your artificial turf project.

Maybe you’re installing a home lawn, playground, putting green…or even a bocce or tennis court!

Excellent choice.

We’ve formulated Envirofill specifically to bring your dream outdoor space to life. So you can focus on brushing up on your bocce skills, watching your kiddos on their new backyard playground, or planning your next summer barbeque.

But wait, maybe you’ve learned there’s a range of Envirofill size and color options. 

And you might be wondering: how do I make sure I choose the right infill size for my project?

The good news? Choosing the ideal Envirofill size, ordering it, and getting it installed is simple.

Let us explain why choosing the right infill mesh size matters—and how to make your decision with ease.

What are the different infill sieve sizes for Envirofill, why do they matter, and how do I choose the right one?

To understand why infill size matters, let’s first look at turf density.

Artificial turf is made from synthetic fibers, mainly three materials:

  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Nylon

These synthetic fibers are blended with other ingredients to improve the integrity of the turf.  Next, the blended turf material is fashioned into yarn. The yarn is stitched together with a backing—similar to how carpet is made.

Ultimately, how the yarn is stitched (with varying densities) makes the resulting artificial turf carpet specific for one type of activity over another.

You can think of turf density like trees in the forest. The more trees per square foot, the more dense the forest is; the more turf blades per square foot, the higher the artificial turf density.

Artificial turf density for residential lawns, sports fields, and hotels, for example, is different from putting greens, which is different from tennis courts.

That’s turf density summed up.

How does artificial turf density relate to different sizes of Envirofill?

Artificial turf infill consists of tiny granules of material designed to sink down and spread evenly between turf blades.

Like natural soil offers real grass, quality infill keeps turf blades upright and resilient to foot traffic — while providing stability and footing.

Because of varying amounts of space between each blade, different turf densities need different sizes and amounts of infill to settle perfectly into the turf carpet.

That’s why when you’re spreading infill into artificial turf, it’s crucial to use the right size infill for that type of turf.

Historically, infill has been made from a range of materials, from rubber tire shreds to cork to plain raw sand. But those traditional materials each have their drawbacks. And as artificial turf has evolved and improved over the years, so have choices for artificial turf infill.

Envirofill begins as round quartz sand that naturally occurs in the various sizes we use to formulate your infill. When we get it, (separated by size), from the mine, we infuse it with Microban antimicrobial protection, coat it with durable acrylic, and specifically formulate Envirofill to support — and improve —  artificial turf systems.

Since there will be more infill than any other component in your synthetic turf system, your choice of infill directly affects the lifetime quality of your turf application. From putting greens to playgrounds, we’ll help you choose the ideal infill for your artificial turf project. 

What exactly is sieve size?

Sieve size describes the minimum and maximum mesh sieves each grain of sand (each piece of Envirofill infill) would fit through. The “12” in the 12-20 size is the largest hole in the sieve that product would fit through. “20” is the smallest hole in the sieve that product would fit through.

Ein wenig einsam und verloren…

Which Envirofill size should I choose for my artificial turf project?

It’s a bit like Goldilocks: too big…too small…just right!

Let us explain how to choose just the right infill sieve size to make your synthetic turf system the best it can be.

The most important factor in finding the correct size of Envirofill for your artificial turf project? How you’ll be enjoying your new green space.

Let’s hop into the details, so you can find the perfect size Envirofill for your project:

Envirofill sizes from largest (12/20) to smallest (30/50)

Pets, Lawns, Playgrounds, Commercial, Sports fields

Are you a homeowner installing a backyard lawn?

Do you have dogs at home?

Installing a playset in your backyard or for a park or preschool?

Perhaps you’re an athletic director installing a new sports field?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Envirofill 12-20 or 16-30 are the ideal Envirofill sizes for your project.

Envirofill 12-20 and 16-30 (color: green)

  • Round shape of each granule is easy on feet, paws, and turf
  • Microban’s antimicrobial technology — and its ability to break down the bacteria process that turns urine into ammonia odor — has been found to reduce odors caused by pet urine up to 99%
  • Doesn’t wear down over time, making it a reliable surface for play/sports for the lifetime of your turf
  • Promotes better drainage because it doesn’t compact — even with heavy use — leaving room for water and pet urine to drain naturally
  • CA Prop 65 labeling exempt

Putting Greens

Are you installing a putting green in your backyard, or at a golf facility?

If so, we’ve got the ideal Envirofill sizes for you.

We recommend Envirofill 30/50 and 16/30 for putting greens:

30-50 is recommended for shorter pile (3/8-5/8”) texturized nylon or poly putting green turf. These turf types are quite dense, so the very fine sieve size of 30-50 allows installers to infill the turf much quicker.

16-30 is generally used for “sand-filled” putting greens. These are typically higher-end systems built for avid golfers with a different style of turf (slit film 1-1.25”). To learn more about the right putting green system for you, reference this blog

Envirofill 16-30 (colors: black & green blend OR green) & 30-50 (black and green blend)

  • Envirofill doesn’t compact, so it keeps a consistent speed for the life of the putting green
  • Microban technology makes it resistant to stain-causing bacteria and product deterioration
  • The black and green mixture of Envirofill gives the perfect aesthetic finish for putting surfaces
  • The rounded shape, uniform size, and smooth surface makes it easy to fill dense putting green material
  • Envirofill 16-30 settles into the putting green surface quickly and easily. Envirofill 30-50 is a smaller grain, making it a perfect fit for dense-texturized poly and nylon putting surfaces.

Bocce and Tennis Courts

Wanna upgrade your backyard space with an artificial turf Bocce ball court?

Planning to practice your swing at home by installing your own tennis court?

Then Envirofill 20-40 is the ideal infill size for your project. Bonus: it even comes in your choice of green or red clay.)

Envirofill 20-40 (colors: green & red clay)

  • Envirofill’s smooth, round edges make installation easy on dense tennis court material.
  • Green and Red Clay color choices give the look of a natural grass or clay tennis court.
  • Envirofill allows for a consistent texture and uniform bounce for the life of the court.

Choosing your ideal Envirofill size for your project is simple

ApplicationSieve SizeColors Available
Lawns12-20 or 16-30Green
Sand-Filled Putting Greens16-30Green or Green/Black Blend
Shorter Pile Putting Greens30-50Green/Black Blend
Bocce & Tennis Court20-40Green or Red Clay

True, we offer a variety of infill size options. Because if you’re asking us, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all.

Each project requires just the right size infill for your artificial turf system to perform its best.

Now you can easily identify the right Envirofill sieve size for your project by finding your project type listed above. 

Have questions about Envirofill?

Ready to get started on your new project?

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