Synthetic Turf & Natural Grass Sports Field Services in Dayton, Ohio

With close proximity to Dayton, Motz has become a turf field installation and service partner to over 50 fields in the area. School districts and community complexes alike have turned to Motz as their field provider for multiple fields and returned to Motz for their replacement projects at the end of their field’s lifecycle.

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Over 50 turf fields on the ground in Dayton

From the University of Dayton and Wright State University to complexes for Athletes in Action and many school districts, Motz is the go-to choice for turf field builder in Dayton.

Dayton Synthetic Turf Services

We’re familiar with building synthetic turf fields in Dayton and have the experience to provide you top-notch service.

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Dayton Turf Maintenance

Motz365 Condition offers an annual turf field tune-up to ensure your field’s functionality, hygiene, aesthetics, and overall performance.

A-La-Carte Synthetic Turf Maintenance Services

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Searching for natural turf in Dayton?

Dayton fields facing sub-freezing winters & humid summers can still flourish with Eclipse & AirPAT, our natural grass solutions.

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Just like in education – kids respect the teachers who know their stuff, and can see through those who don’t. Motz knows their stuff.
- Athletic Director,
Centerville High School

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Stephen Torbeck
Senior Field Consultant

Stephen is truly passionate about building fields and futures. Driven by his 15 years in business development with 5+ in the turf industry, he looks forward to being a trusted resource for your sports field needs.

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    Identifying the best synthetic turf system and infill option for your facility requires research. Allow us to help you navigate your options and make a recommendation that will best serve your facility's needs. Are you ready to get started?

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