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Motz - New Logo - Reversed


We’re Refreshing Our Look & Rebranding Our Organization Under the Motz Banner

The Motz Group and its sister company, USGreentech, announce a brand refresh, including a new visual identity, redesigned logo, and updated website under the banner Motz. The intention behind this brand refresh is focused on creating a powerful brand identity that represents the strong work ethic and competencies of our employee-owners. This refresh will leverage our purpose to move people to better lives by providing customers access to Motz’s large portfolio of proven products and services, as well as decades of experience and industry expertise.


Thank you for your partnership. Everything Motz does is part of a deliberate pursuit to stay true to our word and always put everyone in the best position to succeed. This is how we live up to our legacy.

Our purpose is to move people to better lives. And we’re working diligently to answer the call. Our goal has been and continues to be one of mutual success for those we work for and with.

We believe that there is strength together and we are committed to the long game for all those involved: customers, team members, employees, and the community.


Zach Burns

Motz EO Seal - All White - 1977


The products and services of both companies will remain with the same integrity as before. Under this new brand, Motz customers will be able to recognize all the service options offered under one roof; from our top-of-the-line synthetic turf and infills, sports field construction services, track, and field maintenance, and more.


  1. Who is USGreentech?
    • USGreentech is an innovative provider of artificial turf infill products for sports and landscape applications. The product line includes Envirofill and Safeshell.
  2. Will this change how I contact you for support?
    • No! Our team and level of support will remain reliable and responsive. With this change, it will actually provide you additional support.
  3. Are the social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube) or your website address changing?
    • Yes and no! We will have a new website (set to launch at the end of the summer) and we will share more once that is ready. Some of our social media handles will be staying the same, while others may be going away. Be sure you’re following our current accounts to be the first to know about those changes!
  4. What email addresses will be used?
    • All team members will use @themotzgroup email addresses.
  5. What will happen to
    • The new website will be hosted on
  6. When will the brand take effect on your materials, buildings, and vehicles?
    • Our vehicles and other site materials are currently undergoing updates to the new brand look and name, with some already changed. Our new headquarters is still under construction, however, it will be designed and decorated with the new brand in mind.
    • Updates to all of our marketing, sales, and operations materials will be ongoing through the end of the year. Please keep an eye out for those new pieces.
  7. If I have a contract with you, is it still valid?
    • Yes!
  8. Will the order I placed before the rebrand still be fulfilled?
    • Yes!
  9. Should checks be written out or payments change to Motz now?
    • Transactions will still occur between customers and The Motz Group or USGreentech. As such, checks should still be made out as you currently do.
  10. How will this new brand and new name impact me?
    • This refresh will not impact you from getting your field or change the service you are used to receiving. You will still get the same reliable and responsive support as before.
  11. Who do I contact for more information?
    • You can send in any questions you have via the form below OR feel free to reach out directly to your Field Consultant.