The Eclipse Stabilized Natural Turf is a hybrid turf system that delivers a natural, durable, and flexible field, as demanded by world-class venues. Providing dramatically increased wear tolerance compared to conventional grass, our grass turf sports fields are designed to reduce maintenance and increase frequency of play.

Benefits of Hybrid Turf
Horizontal stability, even on pure sand root zones
Decreased divoting, shearing and displacement damage
Meets the aesthetic and athletic demands of today’s sport field market
Provides the flexibility to rapidly replace logos and change out worn areas
Immediate playability upon installation or rotation
100% natural grass playing surface meets all governing body regulations
Equally suited to warm and cool season grass species
Growing medium can be matched to venue’s root zone
Supports typical maintenance and renovation efforts (aerating, scarifying, slice-seeding, etc.)
Can be established in the venue or on a sod farm
Cincinnati Reds Great American Ball Park
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