Our Legacy

The Motz Group has built fields and futures for over 40 years. Driven by passion and commitment to quality, we’ve made our name designing and constructing innovative, performance-based sports field systems nationally and internationally. Athletes have competed on our surfaces in NFL, MLB, NCAA, Olympic, and World Cup stadiums.

Our globally recognized products include the world-renowned hybrid turf system, Eclipse, and the comprehensive natural grass root zone management system, AirPAT. We are experts in synthetic and natural turf after the hundreds of fields that we have installed and maintained, most of which are still on the ground and in play today.

We offer an extensive line of synthetic and natural turf fields. Each is designed with their intended sport’s performance characteristics in mind. Motz is committed to constructing a solid platform that will further build your facility’s athletic legacy. Whether you choose us as your general contractor or as a partner to a team, we guarantee we’ll deliver a win.

Passion Led. Impression Driven.

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Our industry is continually evolving, so we are always working to inform you of fresh trends, innovative progressions, and updated best practices in the world of turf. Motz is dedicated to ensuring that you are educated on all that's new and improved inside our organization, as well as the turf industry at large!

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