Our People

Good people are hard to find. For us, it goes beyond seeking “good” and instead finding the root of a person’s passion and drive. Do they have what it takes? What makes them tick? We evaluate our team members the same way we hope you will evaluate us.

With that in mind, we invite you to meet the people that have helped build the Motz legacy. The Motz team is made up of professionals, athletes, parents, friends, and mentors. We are cooks, craftsmen, gardeners, and volunteers. We are dedicated. We are passionate. We are Motz and we are employee owned.

Aaron Weyer
Assistant Superintendent
Alan Wolf
Field Superintendent
Allen Verdin
Project Manager
Álvaro Pasquel
Marketing & Workforce Analyst
Alynne Javvaji
Materials Coordinator
Amber Moore
Field Design Specialist
Benjamin Neff
Project Estimator
Bill Steimer
Director of Business Administration
Brad Burns
Project Manager
Brad Guckert
Field Superintendent
Branson Stallter
Base Superintendient
Brittany Kramer
Turf Systems Specialist
Chad Lavender
Project Manager
Chelsea Gilman
Experience Specialist
Chris Larbes
Field Consultant
Cindy Whitcomb
Human Resources Manager
Cleo Montgomery
Marketing Coordinator
Dan Veil
Field Installation Operations Leader
Dan Smith
Shop Technician
Evan Turner
Assistant Project Manager
Heather Loux
Cost Accountant
Joe Motz
Joe Rusche
Financial Analyst
JP Yarnell
Shop Manager
Julie Shelton
Staff Accountant & Contract Administrator
KC Corey
Safety & Training Coordinator
Keith Back
Field Superintendent/Synthetic Maintenance Program
Kevin McDonnell
Chief Financial Officer
Mark Heinlein
Director of Technical Projects & Research
Matt Rinas
Project Manager
Rick Barstow
Field Maintenance Manager
Rob Campbell
Transportation Specialist
Robert Elliott
Field Superintendent
Russ Speigle
General Manager
Ryan Margraf
Technical Projects Manager
Sam Schulte
Operational Support Manager
Sarah Shewmaker
Marketing Manager
Stephen Torbeck
Field Consultant
Tyce Rupert
Field Consultant
Tyler Turner
Assistant Project Estimator
Zach Burns
Zack Hefner
Field Superintendent
A Proven Path to Greatness.

Motz has been passionate about grass since day one. Now, over 40 years later, we are a leader in sports turf solutions both nationally and internationally.

Stroll Through Our Journey