Over the course of 4 decades, The Motz Group has established a reputation for delivering winning sports fields. With 500+ synthetic and high-performance natural grass fields on the ground, built and maintained by our in-house crew, you can count on our team to be a resource for all things turf. When it comes to ongoing artificial turf maintenance best practices or lifecycle management of your sports field, trust our experts to give you the play-by-play.

What Are the Different Types of Hybrid Turf?

In the high performance natural grass world, the term “hybrid turf” is relatively new. You may have also heard it referred to as “reinforced turf” or “stabilized turf” before. Broadly, hybrid refers to a system that is a combination of natural grass and synthetic turf elements. There are three general categories of hybrid grass: Reinforced […]

What Does a Turf Field Look Like as it Ages?

When you make the investment of a synthetic turf field for your organization, it’s invaluable to know what you should expect as far as the look and feel of your field as it goes through its lifecycle. Having knowledge and expectations for the aesthetic of your turf will also help you determine if your field […]

What is Included in an Annual Maintenance Visit?

One of the questions we get asked most often is “how can I extend the life of my synthetic turf field?” While there are a number of regular grooming techniques and general TLC your turf field needs, it is also important to enlist an annual maintenance program from the first year of life. An annual […]

What are the Benefits of a Rootzone Management System?

Two essential ingredients for healthy turfgrass growth are oxygen and water, along, of course, with plant nutrients. Being able to measure each of these in the rootzone, in real time, gives the grounds manager valuable insight for making sound decisions. Having a rootzone management system present with your field can bring you peace of mind […]

What are some Turf Field Critical Warranty Coverage Questions?

Deciding to build or replace a synthetic turf field is a substantial investment. With this decision, you are devoting a large amount of time, money, and trust to your selected provider. When making a purchase of this nature, you must ensure you are asking potential vendors the critical questions necessary to make an educated decision. […]

What are Best Practices for Setting Up a Fundraising Campaign?

One of the most important factors when planning for a synthetic turf field installation is determining how you and your organization will pay for the project. Some are fortunate enough to have private donations that will foot the bill, but others utilize participation from the entire community through a fundraising campaign to fund their field. […]

How to Remove Snow From a Synthetic Turf Field

In the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic, we sometimes see an overlap of winter weather and activities scheduled on synthetic turf fields. In order to keep things moving without being hindered by snow on your field, you’ll want to clear the surface. Questions about the procedures for removing snow from turf are one of the most common […]

What Field Maintenance Services Does Motz365 Offer?

When it comes to maintaining your synthetic turf field, it’s crucial to have a service partner who is available when needed. When something goes wrong, and it will go wrong at some point, having a professional maintenance group as an extension of your team will help keep your athletes and activities in motion. What services […]

What Turf Maintenance Equipment is Recommended?

One of our favorite sayings on our team is “work smarter, not harder.” We want to ensure that any field owner maintaining their synthetic turf field has the best tools and knowledge needed to properly take care of their field, while also doing it as efficiently as possible. There are a few pieces of equipment […]

What are the Top 5 Turf Field Maintenance Practices?

As the manager of an athletic facility or sports field, there is a long list of tasks and activities for which you are responsible. When it comes to your field, the benefit of installing synthetic turf is that your maintenance list is shorter. To help you prioritize what is most important for taking care of […]

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