Over the course of 4 decades, The Motz Group has established a reputation for delivering winning artificial sports fields. With 400+ synthetic fields on the ground, built and maintained by our in-house crew, you can count on our team to be a resource for all things turf. When it comes to ongoing artificial turf maintenance best practices and lifecycle management, trust our Motz365 Service experts to give you the play-by-play.

What Off-Season Turf Field Maintenance is Needed?

An athlete’s work doesn’t end when games end, the activities during the off-season are just as important as during the regular season. The same goes for any synthetic turf field. Whether you have a multi-purpose or single sport focused surface like a baseball/softball field, your synthetic turf field will require a few pieces of maintenance […]

Can an Annual Maintenance Visit be Conducted on an Indoor Field?

Completing an annual deep clean of a synthetic turf field is vital to ensure a long and healthy life for the surface. Scheduling a yearly professional cleaning visit is also a fundamental component to the care of your indoor synthetic turf field too! In most cases an indoor field experiences more activity than an outdoor […]

Can I Hire Motz For Synthetic Turf Field Maintenance?

Your artificial turf field is a staple for your organization and the athletes that utilize it for hours and hours of training. Since your field experiences a considerable amount of cleats running over it, it is important to have a reliable partner that will assist you. Over the life of a field, it isn’t a […]

How Often Does My Field Need to be Deep Cleaned?

A synthetic turf field is the central meeting spot for a community and is the host to a full schedule of activities. With a field that sees significant action, it is vital to make upkeep a priority to ensure your surface is reliable and healthy for your athletes. One element of the field upkeep is […]

When Can an Annual Maintenance Visit be Conducted?

Scheduling an annual maintenance visit, like Motz365 Condition, for your synthetic turf sports field is an essential activity for a long, healthy life-span. We also recognize that your field is a hot commodity and likely has a packed schedule, which can make it difficult to find a window for it to be serviced! We’re often […]

What Can You Expect From a Synthetic Turf Disinfectant Cleaning?

A key benefit for an organization making the investment into a synthetic turf field is the ability to have increased activity time and allowing more participants to take advantage of the field. With a boost in the number of people running across the field comes the need to ensure your surface is clean.  There are […]

How Long Will My Synthetic Turf Field Last & How Can I Extend Its Life?

One question that we often answer for prospective clients and field owners is “how long will our synthetic turf field last?” Purchasing a synthetic field is a large investment for your organization and your main goal is to get the most out of it. It’s no surprise that you want to know how long it’s […]

How Long Does a Synthetic Turf Cleaning Visit Take?

Our Motz365 team conducts over 300 synthetic turf field maintenance visits each year. One of the first questions we get from any prospective customer is: how long will the service take? This is an important answer for any facility that is heavily relied upon by the school district or community, as the field will need […]

How To: Remove Chewing Gum From Your Synthetic Turf Field

It is important to keep your synthetic turf field pristine and popping by regularly cleaning and maintaining. It is also necessary to properly care for your field by avoiding certain items like chewing gum. While we recommend participants steer clear of gum, which can create a sticky situation on the field, we also know that most field users are teenagers, […]

How to Check Infill Depths on Your Synthetic Turf Field

Maintaining proper infill depths is critical to your synthetic turf field’s long life and top-notch performance. Low infill levels at high-traffic areas can lead to fiber degradation and potential patch-work needed on those areas throughout the life of your synthetic turf field.  Follow the instructions below to periodically measure your infill levels. You can check […]

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