How Long Does a Synthetic Turf Cleaning Visit Take?


Our Motz365 team conducts over 300 synthetic turf field maintenance visits each year. One of the first questions we get from any prospective customer is: how long will the service take? This is an important answer for any facility that is heavily relied upon by the school district or community, as the field will need to be shut down while we conduct the cleaning.

The easy answer is that our visits typically take 4-6 hours to complete.

The longer answer is that it depends on the facility! Every synthetic turf field is different. Some are full-sized multi-purpose fields and some have smaller footprints, like baseball infields. Some have a lot of inlays (numbers, logos, foul lines, etc.) and some are nothing but green space. Has your field ever been professionally serviced before? Is your field 10 years or older? These are all things that can impact how long your synthetic turf field cleaning visit might take. 

For better understanding of what you can expect and what will fill the time of the visit, a Motz365 Condition visit consists of the following actions:

  1. In-depth audit of your synthetic turf field status
  2. Deep-clean vacuum to collect dirt, dust, leaves and other debris
  3. Tine and sweep to fluff up your fibers and reposition infill
  4. Addition of infill at high-traffic areas, if needed
  5. Application of contact disinfectant spray to assist with hygiene
  6. Risk assessment and insights to maximize the safety of your synthetic turf field
  7. Repair work performed as needed
  8. GMAX test

Additionally, we have the following recommendations for planning the timeline of your annual cleaning visit:

  1. While we conduct these visits, we recommend the entire field be closed for the duration of the service to allow our crews to complete the necessary steps without interruption or interference.
  2. It is also helpful to block off ample time after the specified visit window to allow any work done to not be impacted immediately after application; i.e. allowing the contact disinfectant to fully dry or giving glue used on repairs adequate time to set until athletes are running across the field again. 45 minutes to an hour after our crew departs should be enough time.
  3. We understand a synthetic turf field is a key commodity for the school or community, however, it can be daunting to have an entire football team standing on the perimeter of the field waiting for practice and rushing the crew to complete the work.
  4. Clearing the schedule for 30-45 minutes after the visit can be beneficial for our crew and your field.

To learn more about Motz365 Condition Service or to schedule your annual visit today, drop us a note below and a Turf Care Expert will be in touch.

Cleo Montgomery

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