How to Use Your Synthetic Turf Field Responsibly During Covid-19


As your athletes begin to get back to work and prepare for the upcoming season, however it may look, your coaches are likely implementing new guidelines for how to safely workout with distance. Those changes may include utilizing the versatile synthetic turf field in different ways and more frequently than prior to Covid-19, to allow for increased space between participants, rather than the weight room or gym. If your teams are hitting the field, there are some tips and precautions we recommend to ensure your artificial turf surface stays safe.

Keep Weights Off

This tip is important at all times. We frequently make repairs to areas on synthetic turf fields where weights, medicine balls, etc. have been repeatedly dropped onto the surface and have put divots into the base underneath the turf. While it may seem like a simple fix initially, over time these activities can continue to adversely affect the base of the field while also creating hazards for your athletes. If space is an issue for your teams and you must utilize the synthetic turf field, our best recommendation is to have them work on those sets in the d-zone areas or even along the sidelines, any spot outside the field of play. You can also utilize a large piece of wood or a cover system along the sidelines or elsewhere, if additional space is needed.

Say No to Stakes

If other organizations or groups are looking to use the field for socially distanced events or meetings they may want to take advantage of a tent during the hot summer days. If tents or other items being erected on the field are a necessity, no stakes should be used to secure ropes, poles, etc., as they can cause damage to the backing of the synthetic turf. Equipment providers should be able to recommend alternative solutions for securing the fixtures.

Utilize the Whole Field

One observation we note on many fields is that the majority of practices and workouts occur in areas of the field closest to the entrance or locker rooms. Get in, get out, and make the most of the time you have – we get it! However, if you’re getting out to use the synthetic turf field for its space, we recommend using the whole space. Spread out and rotate where activities and athletes are based from time-to-time.

Keep the Synthetic Turf Field Clean

While we recommend regular cleaning and removal of debris always, it can be even more imperative now if your synthetic turf field is getting more use than usual. Continue to conduct the frequent field grooming, check infill levels, and encourage teams to pick up after themselves after each use. If you or your community have questions on disinfecting the field, we have a dedicated page to answer questions and provide resources on the topic. 

For additional questions and tips on protecting your field while socially distancing, our Motz365 Turf Care Experts are here to help. You can request a consultation with one of our team members below!

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Protecting Your Field During Covid-19

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