What to Expect When Cleaning Your Running Track


As a track owner, you may feel like your track no longer has the aesthetic appeal it did when first installed, or that your track is no longer meeting your safety standards. The Motz Group and Sport Aide are here to help you feel great about your track again.

During the Running Track Cleaning Process

The team members at Sport Aide provide track cleaning and repair services throughout the U.S. The crews have managed over 100 different track cleaning and maintenance projects since 2015. If you would like more information about Sport Aide, check out our previous blog: All You Need to Know About Running Track Cleaning and Maintenance

Here are the in-depth steps to how the Sport Aide team can provide you with an exceptional track cleaning:


Running Track Cleaning Process - The Motz GroupBefore the Sport Aide team begins cleaning with specialized equipment, a project manager will set up a meeting with the track owner. This will help the Sport Aide team identify how deep of a clean is needed, what material the track is made of, and possible repairs that need to be made. They will also verify that the equipment can be brought through access points. The project manager creates a summary of what to expect during the process along with a quote and recommendations of any necessary maintenance. 


The next step is to schedule your track cleaning. Cleanings can be scheduled throughout the entire year, as long as the weather is above 45-50℉. For a light clean, only 1-2 days are scheduled for a cleaning, which makes it easier to schedule around busy sports seasons. A deep clean can take anywhere from 3-5 days depending on the size of the track and what maintenance is needed. If the track also needs to be restriped, that can add 1-2 additional days and is weather dependent. Some track repairs can also add time to the process. If the team is servicing an indoor track, the times can vary depending on the size and accessibility of the track. The expected cleaning time will be outlined within our team’s follow-up. Here is a great video discussing all of the benefits of receiving a track cleaning:

Track Cleaning Process:

Before and After Running Track Cleaning

When the evaluation and scheduling is completed, the Sport Aide team will begin the deep cleaning process. The team consists of two operators that will control the specialized equipment. The process begins by blowing debris and other loose material off of the track, followed by a pre-soak, which allows the dirt and grime to separate from the track. When the pre-cleanse is complete, the track is ready for the pressurized cleaning. The specialized equipment disinfects and removes layers of built up algae, dirt, and bacteria. The equipment uses heated water and applies extreme pressure to the track surface. This part of the cleaning takes up the majority of the service time.

Final Evaluation Report:

After the entirety of the track has been cleaned and repaired the project manager will walk the track with the track owner.  A “Track Condition Report” is created to outline the improved appearance and safety. It’s recommended that users keep off the track until the track is dry. 

Before and after full track cleaning

It is important for the life and safety of your track to maintain the surface. With an annual track cleaning, the life of your track surface could be extended. Your track will look like new and will be safe for athletes to use in their upcoming seasons!

While Sport Aide manages track maintenance, Motz365 handles all repairs for synthetic turf. The team provides an annual turf deep clean called, Motz365 Condition, that renews your synthetic turf’s performance, removes debris including metal, and address areas where the infill is low. To maintain overall aesthetic appeal and safety standards, these two teams will be a great resource in upkeep on all parts of your facilities. If you are ready to schedule a track cleaning, fill out the free quote form to get started!

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