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Kings Local Schools Reselect The Motz Group Using TIPS Program

In late 2014, Kings Local School District’s synthetic turf field was due for replacement. With first and second-generation fields coming up on their end of life, this is a situation many owners will face. The public bid process, in many cases, takes the decision out of the hands of the stakeholders and in some instances, […]

The Motz Group Selected to Install Signature CrossFlex Synthetic Turf System with Envirofill at Cleveland Heights High School

The Motz Group (TMG) is pleased to be the synthetic turf specialist selected for the Cleveland Heights High School football stadium’s natural to synthetic turf conversion. With construction already underway, we are installing our signature dual fiber, CrossFlex with Envirofill High Performance Infill. This system is the perfect blend of both types of synthetic fibers, ensuring […]

Experts in Fielding Dreams.

There’s nothing like seeing a field of dreams become a reality, especially when it’s been long-awaited by the community, dedicated fans, and aspiring athletes.

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