Carpenter Park Athletic Complex

Project Overview

This past summer marked the grand opening of the Carpenter Park Athletic Complex, the exciting new public sports and recreation facilities located on the north side of Carpenter Park in Plano, TX. Renovations lasted for over a year and the exciting new complex includes four newly installed artificial turf fields featuring Envirofill, brand new trails that loop around the entire park, an updated playground, and several other amenities.

Sport Type


Infill Type




1.75" Dual Fiber No Thatch

20mm Shock Pad

The Challenge

Field performance was prioritized in the creation of the complex. The four multi-purpose sports fields were designed to be used by football, lacrosse, soccer, and rugby teams. And while the park is public, the city plans to rent the fields as a venue for tournaments, so the search for a strong, non-toxic turf infill product that could endure constant play was on!

The Solution

Due to the community’s concerns about crumb rubber, only safe, trusted, and certified non-toxic turf infills were considered for the project. The planning team enthusiastically selected Envirofill because of its non-toxic certification, industry-leading 16-year warranty, longevity, easy low-maintenance upkeep, and impressive feel underfoot that makes for a high performance playing experience.

The Results


Envirofill is different from conventional turf infill products because it’s dust-free and non-toxic. It addresses health and safety concerns and surpasses field performance and quality standards.


Envirofill’s warranty is longer than other turf infill products, and it’s proven to withstand heavy traffic, continuous play, and extreme weather. It’s easy to maintain and has a low migration rate due to its unique round shape and density.


Fields with Envirofill have an edge. Coaches and athletes love Envirofill for its quality and field performance. With Envirofill, you will have a high-performance surface that is fast and firm, allowing your players to easily dodge a tackle or put a spin on the ball without compromising on the safety or longevity of your synthetic turf system.

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Where to Buy Infill for Sports Fields

Motz offers two innovative turf infills that champion durability and performance while being low maintenance, safe and earth-friendly. Work with your contractor or field designer to request a sample or place an order. Contact us for any questions you may have about the ordering process.

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