St. Xavier High School (Louisville)

Project Overview

St. Xavier in Louisville installs Envirofill for full size football field and their full size baseball field.

Sport Type


Infill Type

1.63 dual fiber with thatch

25mm shock pad

The Challenge

The decision to couple a durable infill and a high level performing athletic department environment, which St. Xavier bolsters, was a no brainier. St. Xavier also had some added insurance that they would receive a consistent, natural ball interaction within an Envirofill turf system, since they installed their Envirofill football field earlier that year and liked the performance, and naturalness of the ball-to-surface interaction. Envirofill in the recommend turf specification mimics the way a ball would behave on a natural turf system thus fulfilling their need for a field without a fake grass feel. Play Ball!

The Solution

While St. Xavier knew they wanted to avoid crumb rubber as an infill due to negative perceptions, the school also expressed interest in a high performing infill matched with a performance pad underneath the turf for improved concussion safety and durability. They also took interest in the anti-bacterial benefits and heat reduction properties that Envirofill provided They needed an infill that is made with quality performance in mind and guaranteed to withstand the test of time with its durability. Since a baseball field was apart of the project, the ability of a system to mimic how a natural turf system would react when played on was a top priority for St. Xavier

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