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Can an Annual Maintenance Visit be Conducted on an Indoor Field?

Completing an annual deep clean of a synthetic turf field is vital to ensure a long and healthy life for the surface. Scheduling a yearly professional cleaning visit is also a fundamental component to the care of your indoor synthetic turf field too! In most cases an indoor field experiences more activity than an outdoor field, however, these are oftentimes overlooked when considered for maintenance. 

When you’re setting up the annual visit for your indoor turf field, there are a few details that are key for you to consider and share with your maintenance partner.


It’s important that access to your indoor field is accommodating for the size of equipment that is completing the work. Our team mainly uses a machine called a TerraClean to conduct the cleaning and grooming portion of the maintenance visit. That machine will need an entry point that is at least 6.5 feet wide, and a little over 7 feet tall. Share details you have with your provider on entry points to the field and their dimensions, so the team can properly prepare. If the doors to the facility are unable to fit the equipment, the services outlined for the visit may need to be adjusted. If that situation arises, we can use other equipment to conduct that portion of the visit. 


One benefit to the sanitation of an outdoor field is that the UV from the sun can assist with disinfecting the surface naturally, with an assist from a contact disinfectant spray. For an indoor turf field, applying a sanitizing product is an essential step in the maintenance process. The spray can be applied with our drive unit, if access allows, or from a backpack sprayer if the facility is smaller or has narrow entry points.


A major benefit of having an indoor turf field is that weather is never an issue for activity! This is also true for conducting an annual maintenance visit. Our Motz365 field service team sees an increase in requests during the fall and winter months due to the increase those facilities are seeing in practices and games during that time, as well. 

With indoor facilities being a hot commodity for scheduling, it is difficult to find down time to conduct a maintenance visit. Many indoor spaces have less square footage and will not take as long to service. Depending on the condition and size of your turf field our team may only need 2-3 hours to complete the service.

Want to get your indoor synthetic turf field serviced by a professional maintenance team? Contact us today and one of our Motz365 Turf Care Experts will contact you to get your facility on our calendar!

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