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How Often Does My Field Need to be Deep Cleaned?

A synthetic turf field is the central meeting spot for a community and is the host to a full schedule of activities. With a field that sees significant action, it is vital to make upkeep a priority to ensure your surface is reliable and healthy for your athletes. One element of the field upkeep is proper cleaning, completed both on a regular basis by your in-house maintenance team and once a year by a professional crew, like Motz365. Cleaning your field is just like cleaning your carpet at home: you’ll need to vacuum it frequently to keep it tidy, but conducting a deep clean is like having the carpet steam cleaned and getting a more in-depth conditioning.

The frequency of cleaning is a key component of the care your field needs. With the number of feet and amount of debris that crosses your field, you want to establish a routine cleaning schedule. Your synthetic turf field should be brushed and cleared of debris with your equipment by your team once for every 40 hours of activity. However, for the professional, more in-depth cleaning service, we recommend you plan to schedule a visit on an annual basis. Having this more detailed work conducted yearly allows for a field refresh from both an aesthetic and hygiene standpoint. If you look from the stands, you may not notice the amount of debris within your field, but if you look closely, your field is full of gross and dangerous things, like metal parts from helmets, safety pins, etc.

In addition to short-term benefits for your field receiving an annual deep clean service, there is a long-term positive to conducting the visit: extending the life of your synthetic turf field. The flip side in not utilizing a yearly maintenance visit, can potentially cause your field to have issues that go unchecked or resolved. What may seem like a small issue initially can lead to bigger concerns and the necessity for greater remediation down the road, like large patches installed, or even an earlier replacement of the field.

It is possible for your field to receive the annual comprehensive maintenance more than once per year. We’ve received requests from some of our partners for bi-annual Condition visits, as they assessed their packed athletic schedule and made the decision they needed more periodic professional care. However, our general recommendation is that conducting the deep clean visit more than once per year is only an added benefit for your field, not imperative to the health of it. Our Motz365 is able to set-up additional single services throughout the year, as well, like a more frequent contact disinfectant spray or added gmax testing. It’s important that your organization discusses your needs and consults with your maintenance experts to determine what frequency and what extra services will be most beneficial for your fields and your athletes. 

If you’d like to learn more about the best plan for your synthetic turf field and how to approach maintenance for your facility, reach out to our Motz365 Turf Care Experts today!

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