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Important Questions To Ask Synthetic Turf Field Installers and Contractors

Do you have an upcoming project with plans to expand or revitalize your athletic facilities using synthetic turf? Then, this blog post is for you! Let’s talk about why it’s vitally important to ask the right questions before you sign on the dotted lines. The bottom line: organize a capable and knowledgeable team, so plans are smooth and successful.

“Cheap” isn’t always a good deal with artificial turf field installations.

Often, school districts and organizations decide to hire the cheapest installers and contractors for their field projects. While this is certainly tempting and appears to be the most budget-safe option, it frequently creates problems and drives up the final cost after the initial installation is complete. 

Expect change orders when you go with the lowest bidder. The least expensive contractors are most likely uncertified and inexperienced. Uncertified providers lack the expertise and tools to install fields correctly and won’t help maintain or repair fields after installation. They typically make errors that extend project deadlines, add to projected costs, and sometimes require Certified Field Builders to correct issues caused by uncertified contractors. Read up on why certification is essential.

We know this is the type of scenario you want to avoid, and we want you to avoid it, too. The questions below will help you choose your partners with discernment and foresight.

Critical questions to ask before you hire a synthetic field installer

Here’s our definitive list of questions to ask any potential installation or field service provider. You might be surprised that some of these questions are important, but they’ll help protect your facilities and resources. 

  1. Do you have a Certified Field Builder on your team?
  2. What is your warranty policy?
  1. What is the timeline from start to completion of the project? 
  2. Can you provide references and case studies?
  3. What turf infill products do you offer, and which do you recommend?
  4. What are your company’s maintenance and management protocol recommendations for the fields you install? 
    • Do you provide a guidebook, team training, or other resources after installation?
    • Do you offer ongoing team training services?
  5. Does your company provide field maintenance, responsive repair, and cleaning services? 
  6. If our synthetic turf field has to be repaired after installation, is the cost of repair included in the project fee, or is it an additional expense?
  7. Do you hire subcontractors or your own employees to install synthetic turf fields? 
    • Do you use subcontractors or employees for your maintenance services? 
    • What about for repair services?
    • What are the hiring and training protocols for service providers, including background checks, experience levels, and security procedures during on-site construction?
  8. How responsive are your repair services? 
    • How long will it take you to repair our facilities once a request is made? 
    • How far away are the repair specialists who will respond to service requests?

Trustworthy contractors make or break turf field installation projects.

We hope the questions above help you to choose your project partners wisely.

Beautiful synthetic turf facilities are the result of high-quality work and comprehensive field management. Your field installation team should provide guidance, expertise, and resources to ensure the performance and longevity of your turf. 

If you’re beginning to explore the synthetic turf field process and want to speak with an expert, contact us to get your top questions answered! Motz has the knowledge, experience, and a 40 plus-year track record of creating and maintaining professional-level athletic turf facilities throughout Ohio. 

Reach out to us to discuss a potential field project. We’ll help you re-evaluate your criteria for selecting a field provider so that you can make an informed decision.

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