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Top 14 Things to Avoid on Your Field for Proper Turf Care

Synthetic turf systems are designed to resist both wear and exposure to the elements. The effectiveness of their materials, design, and construction is demonstrated by the long life of fields under heavy use in many climates. With a big facility to-do list, it can be difficult to know what to prioritize for proper turf field care.

How not to abuse your synthetic turf

In order to maintain a long life and a healthy field, it’s important that you do not abuse your synthetic turf system with: 

  1. Any unauthorized use.
  2. Heavy static loads.
  3. Fireworks, open flames, etc.
  4. Storage of materials such as drums, lumber, equipment, etc.
  5. Long metal spike shoes.
  6. Use of medicine balls, tractor tires, or heavy weights.
  7. Use of wire brushes in any form.
  8. Use of cleaning equipment, materials, and methods not authorized by Motz365.
  9. High pressure water sprays exceeding 300 psi.
  10. Vehicles with non-pneumatic tires or tires inflated above 35 psi.
  11. Introduction of infills or impregnated layers other than supplied or authorized by Motz365.
  12. Use of bikes, lawnmowers, etc.
  13. Golfing, shot putting, javelin, or discus throwing.
  14. Build-up of debris without cleaning.

Looking to leverage your synthetic turf surface in a new way but unsure if it will impact the safety and integrity of your field?

Learn more about our Sport Aide maintenance services and discover our Motz365 Deep Clean Turf Care options and packages. Do you have questions or want to speak with a representative? You can reach out to discuss your goals and make a recommendation on how to proceed. Contact one of our experts today!

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