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What Does a Turf Field Look Like as it Ages?

When you make the investment of a synthetic turf field for your organization, it’s invaluable to know what you should expect as far as the look and feel of your field as it goes through its lifecycle. Having knowledge and expectations for the aesthetic of your turf will also help you determine if your field may be experiencing issues, and when professional consultation might be needed to make repairs or remediation.

Our teams have installed and maintained hundreds of artificial turf fields, and we’ve seen varying field conditions depending on many factors. It’s important to remember that every field is different, with unique systems and levels of activity. Below are descriptions and visuals of generally what you can foresee as your field ages based on what we’ve seen occur on many surfaces. 


After the field has been installed, all of the fibers will be upright and have an appearance similar to freshly cut grass. The field may appear a bit darker since the infill level is slightly higher and looser than it will be once the infill settles down after use.


After initial use, the fibers will establish a more grass-like appearance with the tips moving in multiple directions. The infill will also settle down to the field’s specified level. The time frame for this change to occur varies based on the amount of use and weather conditions such as rain and snow which help to settle the infill. Areas of the field with frequent play may have this appearance after as little as one season. Areas with less frequent play may take years to reach this appearance. We recommend instructing athletes to rotate their activities around the field to ensure high-traffic areas can get a break from the repetition.


After your field has been in use for several years, the fibers will lay over even more. Following our maintenance guidelines and maintaining proper infill height will help maintain the safety and performance qualities of your field even as these normal appearance changes take place.

An essential reminder is to properly care for and maintain your field to ensure your synthetic turf field isn’t experiencing signs of aging prematurely. Regardless of where your field falls in the lifecycle, our team can serve as a resource to you! Schedule a consultation with one of our experts or set up a maintenance visit to revitalize your surface.

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