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When Can an Annual Maintenance Visit be Conducted?

Scheduling an annual maintenance visit, like Motz365 Condition, for your synthetic turf sports field is an essential activity for a long, healthy life-span. We also recognize that your field is a hot commodity and likely has a packed schedule, which can make it difficult to find a window for it to be serviced! We’re often asked when an annual maintenance visit can occur or if there are times when it can’t occur.

Time of Year:

The fields we service are mainly located in the Midwest – that means we’re likely to face a chilly fall, snowy winter, and rainy spring. We cannot complete a visit if the ground is frozen or if it is raining, based on the work being done and needing to have favorable weather or field conditions. We regularly provide our Condition field service on outdoor fields well into November or beginning in March, we are just at the mercy of Mother Nature.

It also depends on the type of fields you have and when your busy season occurs. Many school districts with a football field or multi-purpose field prefer to schedule their visit prior to the active fall season, typically in June or July. Baseball, softball, or lacrosse fields will favor scheduling a visit in early spring or fall, ahead of their practices and games kicking off. Municipalities and parks will usually have a jam-packed schedule through the summer and have more availability for a visit into the fall or spring, as well. 

Our Condition services can also be conducted on an indoor field, which opens up the opportunity to complete a service any time of year and not be constrained by weather. Indoor surfaces usually see the most activity during the winter and spring months, so schedules can become a factor. 

Time of Day:

Closing down your field to complete this service can be daunting when your organization or community heavily relies on it for activities. Our Condition visit typically takes around 4-6 hours to complete and can be used again soon after our crew departs.

Particularly during summer months, it is best for the visit to be scheduled for early morning with completion around mid-afternoon. On hot days, the static from high temperatures can cause rubber infill to rise on the fibers and it’s ideal for aesthetic purposes to have the grooming done while the sun and air temperatures are lower. It will also allow your field to be reopened during peak practice hours in the afternoon or evening. While these are guidelines, we can typically be flexible to your schedule and start later. 

Reach out to us for more information on synthetic turf field maintenance or to get your field on the Condition calendar!

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