What is Synthetic Turf Infill and What Are The Types?

Synthetic turf infill can be composed of any material but put simply, it is the layer of product installed into your turf fibers for support, performance, and aesthetics. Every synthetic turf sports field requires infill but the type of infill installed depends upon your needs. Before we cover the many types of infills available, let’s […]

How to Design a Baseball or Softball Synthetic Turf Field

As you get your game plan together for your baseball or softball synthetic turf field, you learn that there are a lot of options for how your field could look! Do you only turf the infield? Do you add logos in the outfield or behind home plate? What colors do you want to use for […]

What to Do If Your Synthetic Turf Field Floods

In the transition between seasons, particularly the switch from winter to spring, the change in the weather is something to always be on the lookout for. However, sometimes Mother Nature throws us a curve ball, and there is no amount of preparation or awareness that can prevent damage caused by drastic or unforeseeable weather conditions. […]

How to Design a Football, Soccer, or Lacrosse Synthetic Turf Field

When planning for a synthetic turf field, there are quite a few balls in the air that your team will need to tackle to prepare accordingly for a smooth and efficient build. A big consideration, and often the most exciting part of the planning, is what you want your field to look like! What logo […]

What Does a Turf Field Look Like as it Ages?

When you make the investment of a synthetic turf field for your organization, it’s invaluable to know what you should expect as far as the look and feel of your field as it goes through its lifecycle. Having knowledge and expectations for the aesthetic of your turf will also help you determine if your field […]

What are Best Practices for Setting Up a Fundraising Campaign?

One of the most important factors when planning for a synthetic turf field installation is determining how you and your organization will pay for the project. Some are fortunate enough to have private donations that will foot the bill, but others utilize participation from the entire community through a fundraising campaign to fund their field. […]

What are some Turf Field Critical Warranty Coverage Questions?

Deciding to build or replace a synthetic turf field is a substantial investment. With this decision, you are devoting a large amount of time, money, and trust to your selected provider. When making a purchase of this nature, you must ensure you are asking potential vendors the critical questions necessary to make an educated decision. […]

What are the High-Traffic Areas on a Synthetic Turf Field?

When we discuss regular maintenance on a synthetic turf field, there are a number of things that rise to the top as a priority to maintain a long-lasting field. One of those very important practices (and the easiest) is ensuring that high-traffic areas on your field are properly filled with infill, and adding infill when […]

How Long Will My Synthetic Turf Field Last & How Can I Extend Its Life?

One question that we often answer for prospective clients and field owners is “how long will our synthetic turf field last?” Purchasing a synthetic field is a large investment for your organization and your main goal is to get the most out of it. It’s no surprise that you want to know how long it’s […]

Why Resurface Your Running Track During Your Artificial Turf Field Construction?

Why, when, and how to resurface your running track Unlike most field sports, running is a sport of minimalism. That said, there are several critical components to successful track teams, and arguably the most essential one is a well-maintained track surface.  The track is ground zero for running athletes’ practices and competitions. You should maintain […]