The 5 Biggest Mistakes an Estimator Notices When Reviewing Design Plans

Designing synthetic turf athletic fields can come with challenges, but also great rewards. While we all know that there is no such thing as a perfect set of design plans, we also all hope for a project to move through the design and build phases as seamlessly as possible. Unless you have X-ray vision or […]

Creating The Ideal Synthetic Turf Soccer Field

What’s the secret to creating the perfect artificial grass field for soccer? It’s in finding the perfect balance between performance and safety. Schools with the best synthetic athletic facilities know that artificial turf infill is a critical system component when it comes to longevity and performance. Consider these 5 things when creating your ideal synthetic […]

Artificial Turf Baseball Field Project Highlights

Creating the perfect artificial turf baseball field Baseball and synthetic turf go hand in hand. Not only does an artificial grass field mean stable, low maintenance playing conditions, but it gives your athletes a quantifiable home-field advantage. Envirofill and Safeshell turf infill, allow for a more natural playing surface so that ball interactions (ie bouncing […]

Synthetic Turf Systems Explained

If you’re just beginning to explore the possibilities of an artificial turf field for your school’s athletic facilities, you’ve probably come across a whole slew of new terms and words that may have you scratching your head. And while the vocabulary related to synthetic turf fields may puzzle you at first, it doesn’t have to […]

Before and After Synthetic Turf Field Makeovers

Here’s a round-up of some of our favorite artificial turf field projects from the past few years. The Wheeler School upgrades to an artificial turf sports field with Safeshell When a donor at Wheeler School, an independent N-12 school in Providence, Rhode Island, granted funds for the refurbishment of the outdoor artificial athletic field, there […]

What is the Timeline for Installing New Artificial Turf For Your School?

Choose your Infill First Over the years, schools have continued to discover the value of replacing natural grass with artificial turf. From saving operating expenses on maintenance to enjoying a perpetually green field and consistent playing surface, artificial turf seems a quite obvious choice. However, developing a timeline for installing new artificial turf must be […]

How Much Does a Synthetic Turf Sports Field Cost?

Google “How much does a turf field cost?” and you’ll find calculations and averages per square foot that vary wildly across websites and providers. The truth is, how much you’ll spend on your turf is affected by complex, interdependent factors. The cost only tells you one part of the story, and there’s more to it […]

Is Artificial Turf a Good Option for High Schools?

The pros are outweighing the cons for high schools nationwide As recently as 15 years ago, the term “artificial turf” would make some sports coaches, players, fans, parents and athletic directors cringe. That’s because the artificial turf of the past was quite rough, to say the least. Artificial turf first hit the market in the […]

Best Synthetic Turf for Baseball

What system is best for baseball systems? Download our Baseball one pager here.  Natural baseball fields require a lot of maintenance to create an optimum playing surface. That maintenance is amplified by the Spring start of baseball season, typically the wettest time of year. A noticeable trend is schools converting their baseball fields into synthetic […]

Installing Your Turf Field with a Pad

Motz Infills - Installing Your Turf Field with a Pad

Including a pad in the installation of an artificial sports field will provide a consistent surface for the athletes. The surface stays stable throughout changes in weather, temperature, movement and time which gives athletes the confidence of a safer playing surface. Areas of heavy movement will naturally displace infill. Where infill is lacking, players who […]