4 Ways to Get Your Synthetic Turf Field Season-Ready Today

If you are a field maintenance manager or athletic director for a multi-sport field, you know firsthand that the key to preserving an award-winning field is in the maintenance. At Motz, we don’t just preach this idea, we practice it ourselves. Our Motz365 services know just how to keep your field in play year after […]

3 Ways to Remove Leaves From Your Field Without Damaging Your Turf

As leaves rapidly accumulate on the ground during Autumn, your athletic director or grounds team will need to remove them in order to keep your synthetic turf field playing and performing optimally. Learning how to keep your artificial turf field free of leaves without running the risk of damaging the turf requires the right tools. […]

7 Steps to Getting Your Synthetic Turf Field Ready for Band Practice

Athletic fields are used by more than just athletes. Your synthetic turf field’s design needs to accommodate various activities — from graduation ceremonies and gym classes to band practices and performances, color guard, and the drill team. With marching bands playing and practicing on your synthetic turf field, there are certain steps you’ll need to […]

Why You Should Test Your Artificial Turf Before Fall Season Sports

Back to school means back to fall sports — and back to your synthetic turf athletic field being in heavy rotation. For a fall sports turf field maintenance plan that sets you up for a safe and successful season, conducting a performance test of your turf before fall sports kick-off is key. Turf performance tests […]

Soccer Goal Safety Tips for Artificial Turf Sports Fields

Football and soccer are two of the most popular American high school sports. In fact, both sports are nearly ubiquitous with high school athletics. Sure, there are various other field sports commonly played throughout different regions of the country. Still, regardless of location, the vast majority of athletic facilities will host plenty of football and […]

7 Preseason Maintenance Tips To Prepare Your Synthetic Turf Football Field

In a few short months, your team will be back on the field, practicing every day to get ready for the upcoming football season. It’s an exciting time and a very rigorous one at that, not only for the players but for your field too.  Every year, preseason football comes and goes quickly, without much […]

The Top Things You Can Learn from Performance Testing Your Turf

Athletes practice and train to meet performance metrics so they can execute and bring home a W when it is game time. You want your synthetic turf field to do the same: perform when you need it to. To ensure the turf is excelling to match the effort your athletes are putting in, it’s beneficial […]

The Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning an Artificial Turf Field

When a community or district makes the investment to install a synthetic turf field, it becomes a staple for activities and events, and relied heavily upon to stand up to wear and tear. While they’re built to withstand long hours of action throughout the years, it’s essential that the field continues to look and behave […]